Daily Archives: May 21, 2008

What Do Hormones, Pigs, Puppies, Rain and Credit have in Common?


Why, me, of course, silly! 😉

Monday I took my son went in to Dr. to see about his rapid heart rate that happens sometimes.

When I think of EKG I think of several hours of being hooked up to electrodes and running thru a series of exercise tests.

At the office, it took more time to set up the machine than it did to test his 15 year old heart.

Looks good the Doctor says, could just be a ‘hormonal’ thing. Dizziness when standing up and heart fluctuations are par for the course.

If it keeps happening we need get a pulse and keep track of times and duration.


I wish my mother’s day present of a new camera phone was in my hand, to see him on the little exam table with his size 12 boats hanging off the end and hooked up to 8 or 10 different ‘power lines’ was funny and scary at the same time.

The fetal pig dissection is on at the school and no one, teacher or principal, had the decency to e-mail me about my little Word document. Not that I deserve an answer about whether or not they would allow the kids to look at it. But nothing. From a christian school. hmph.

I have a meeting with the same christian school this summer (elementary dept.) about setting up a Tutor with Tails program next year for the students with struggles reading. Should be interesting. The teacher who works with the kids is my pastors wife and my dear friend. Should get me in the door, eh? 😉

After 3 days of blissful sunshine, it is raining, and I woke up to the cheery sound of  rain dripping into my kool-aid smelling rain barrels.

I says to hubby; “can you hear it?” He says “what?” I says “the sound of liquid gold”. He just rolls his eyes at me. Ahh, love.

Oh yeah, I am now the proud owner of a compost bin!!!!! My hubby really does love me.

Gosh, all my stealth work is for naught, The Anti-christ  Queen  is going vegan.

I listen to Dave Ramsey on AM 630 KCIS ‘your christian inspiration station’ and he says there is a truly FREE credit report site that you can look at your credit, so I did. And I recommend it. It showed I had been on the radar since 1985 but it didn’t show my bankruptcy. hmmmm.

Anyhow, go here and check it out: annualcreditreport.com

 A friend of mine who is doing the Addictions study with us, just e-mailed me and asked me an interesting question, I wasn’t going to answer her because then I would have to think real hard, but instead dug into the brain cells for the answer.

Here is her question, my answer.

Q: Tell me something the Lord is teaching you about.

A: The Lord is always teaching patience.
With others, to love others even when they are stupid.
The Lord is teaching me I’m not in control.
And damn it, I wish I was, then again, I’m glad I’m not.
The Lord is teaching me we are responsible for our own sins and I can not take the guilt was someone else’s stuff on my shoulders, I have enough of my own.
The Lord is teaching me, I suck at being a good wife.
The Lord is teaching me my addictions still have a hold of me.
And He is the only one who can help me.

So, on that note, please comment and tell me what the Lord is teaching you right now.

Blessings, Kristina

PS; same said friend has a son who asked her if she got her diploma, she answered ‘No, But I got my GED’.

He says “Whats that, the Ghetto Education Degree?” (You rock, Samuel) 🙂