Only Nature Knows for Sure



The boy and I were watching this animal show on the PBS learning channel.

It was called ‘Nature. What women want and what men will do.’  Here is the run down:

Mating is a high stakes proposition and there’s no telling what females want and males will do.
Part One: What Females Want | Part Two: What Males Will Do

Female jumping spiders will attack and eat anything that moves. This often includes males who

may be courting them. So, if a male falls short in convincing a female that he will be a good mate,

he may become lunch. This is a compelling reason for males to work hard in perfecting their

courtship dances.

In the mating game, it is not always “do or die,” but the penalties can be severe, and there is no

single tried and true approach when it comes to the fascinating strategy of attracting a mate.

Charles Darwin called it “sexual selection.” NATURE is calling it “What Females Want and Males

Will Do” for love — a two-part miniseries about sexual selection.

“What Females Want and Males Will Do” explores the evolution of sexual strategies and what

makes certain species winners and losers in the mating game. Courtship drives evolution by

controlling whose genes are passed on to the next generation, and intense competition gives

rise to a wide array of dazzling displays and impressive ornamentation.

From spiders that dance and monkeys that drum in the name of love, to female geladas that

seek male partners with hot, red chest patches — this program about sexual selection explores

the unique behaviors and special adaptations that determine how animals pick their mates,

and how these selections affect future generations. In some species, the normal rules of mating

are turned on their head, such as the feisty female topi antelope champing at the bit to have sex

with an aloof male or bonobo males practicing free love.

Scientists around the world are making amazing new discoveries about the complex nature of

courtship and competition throughout the animal kingdom. It’s sexual education that takes us

way beyond the “birds and the bees.”

Part Two: What Males Will Do — Apparently, there is nothing a male will not do for the right to

mate with a female — dance, sing, fight, change body colors, illuminate, even agree to be eaten

alive. There is often a surplus of males, and they are instinctively driven to compete in order

to pass their genes to the next generation. But it takes two to tango. Now, scientists are learning

to what extremes males will go in order to find that dance partner.

Meet the experts in our exclusive podcast.

Part Two of “What Females Want and Males Will Do” premieres Sunday, April 13th at 8 p.m.

ET on PBS (check local listings).


So as we are watching the female praying mantis eat the male’s head off

My son says “You’re either sexy or you’re tasty.”
Ok, I guess you had to be there.
Leave nice comments, please. You know who you are *Kevin*

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  1. I know a redhead that is both sexy and tasty.

    She ate my head off just last night–and I pray she’ll do it again.

    Ok, I don’t can’t come up with anything that doesn’t have a dual meaning…

    I keep thinking about writing a post on a man’s biological clock. Is it possible that, just like a woman who is childless and approaching 30 feels driven to have a child, that men between 45-55 have a biological imperative to go out and sleep with young, fertile women.

  2. Did they discuss what the evolutionary purpose of male and female were? Why not stick with the asexual ameoba like splitting? The sexes are a mutation that wouldn’t give any benefit to the first generation.
    ~~no, but they were discussing how this certain breed of duck had to change its anatomy to ‘fit’ the female part and said it took years of evolving or adapting to fix it, but Jesse said it couldn’t have evolved because if the ducks couldn’t mate then they would die out. Which makes sense.

  3. Tim,

    “to the first generation”

    A common misconception is that things like reproductive organs suddenly appeared as a mutation. The reality is that mutation happens at the gene level and things like reproductive organs appeared over millions of years.

    This type of random mutation is what is meant when biologist talk about random mutation plus natural selection forming current species.

  4. millions of years? that is just crazy talk, whore.
    ~~you just wanted to say the word whore. 😉
    Real name is Kevin (picture our Drake) ……..

  5. When my oldest kids were young, we were at a park and my daughter noticed some teens in a group passing through. All of the boys had their pants hiked down and their underwear showing. I told her that these boys were trying to attract girls by showing them their underpants. She of course grossed out and was asking all kinds of questions about why girls would be attracted to such a thing. I said it was something like the male peacock showing its feathers in a rude and sad kind of way.
    ~~too funny, and yet sad, because you explained it perfectly.
    guys can do some really idiotic things to attract a girl.
    and then there is the ‘thing i loved about my male at first is now the thing i can not stand about him now’ 😉

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    ~~thanks for the comment, Steve, I’ve changed my mind about selling these particular books at this time, but I have bought stuff from your site and will probably sell some books in the future. I’m hooked up with E-bay already but would consider another auction site like yours. Blessings, Kristina

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