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Under No UnCertain Terms Finds this Story


My search engine terms from the past few days:
should a christian youth have a boyfriend ~ no, no dating until you are married 🙂

how do i happy when im depressed ~ look toward Jesus

how to be a good husband,  how to be a good wife, “good wife” maiden name, always testing a boyfriend~ Here, here and here
devotion and psalms 100:3, meanings of ii Thessalonians 2:3
spiritual gifts serving
redneck woman ~but my buddy is redneck
kristinas crucifixion ~ WHAT!?!?!?!
melissa scott preacher, barbi bridges, pastormelissascott.com, mellisa scott porn ~ its here but no pictures, this post is my highest clicked on
is creatine necessary? ~from here
18 to 21 years old ladies breast good pics,  breast removal,  radical mastectomy ~ because of my breast cancer posts here and here
engineer she want to be one porn star ~not this engineer!ana bella porn free, “anna yo” ~umm, do they know she is a princess not a dog? She does
home engineer, home engineer women

pretty christian woman ~might i add there were 3 hits for this

knife in throat before give to gluttony

snake women ~ there has been lots of these with snake in them. I have 4 posts with ‘snake’ in them

peace ~558 hits (all time)

Speaking of snacks, I mean, snakes, here is the boy to tell you a true story:

Ok ‘the boy’ is here…

So, after Easter service some of my friends and I were talking about creepy stories. Then S. said that  she had a really good one. So she started to tell a story that will change the way you look at snakes…forever…..

Samantha knows this lady who owns a snake.(Gross level 1) To be more specific she owns a boa constrictor. She loves this snake. This snake is her BABY.(Gross level 2) What I am about to say might disturb you but, please keep reading.

She loves this snake so much…..she let’s it ….sleep…WITH her in HER bed.(Gross level ..um..1 million!!) (Stupid level..BRAINLESS) Well, she has owned this snake for 6 years.

After awhile she noticed that her precious snake wasn’t eating. it almost looked as if it was starving itself. she also noticed that at night the snake would not coil up. Instead, it laid stretched out beside her. She immediately thought her baby was sick.

So, she took it to the vet. She told the vet all of the ‘simptons’ her snake was having. The vet told her that the snake must be put down immediately.

She didn’t know what to say. “Why?’ was the first thing she managed to muttered out.  The vet said calmly” your snake is planning….on eating you..” the lady was stunned “What do you mean!?!?!”

“See, snakes are smart. If they know they have an opportunity for a larger meal they will starve themselves. And if the meal is dead the snake will MEASURE its body to the length and the meal.

After 6 years of sleeping with a 120 pound thing that dosen’t move for 8 hours and smells like chicken (not literally), i guess your snake loved you more than you loved it………


Creepy story, aye?