Pink Eye ~~ Ewwwwwwwww



OK, got a call this morning (Wednesday) about 10 am from my son.

Seems he has pink eye. Brought him home,  made at least a dozen smart-ass remarks pertaining to pink eye and made him Clorox wipe everything down in the house.

The doctor is booked solid so a nurse is calling me back. Hopefully I can just get a prescription and start dropping meds in his eye.

He has been sitting on the couch playing his game-boy with Kleenex and hand sanitizer on the coffee table.

Did you know dogs can get pink eye? Just Great. Need to spray Anna down with Lysol.

Sending the knight in shining blue (a 2003 blue Ford Ranger) armour to the pharmacy to get meds, son will be better in 24 hours, but will I make it with him home?!?!? That’s the question…….




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