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Sowing Words of Praise


A soothing tongue is a tree of life. Proverbs 15:4

Everyone loves to be praised, and your mate is no exception. William James wrote: “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” And Mark Twain said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment.”

Praise is valuable because it is a virtue seldom practiced! We seldom praise our employees; we seldom praise our kids, and we seldom praise our mates. Yet, our homes ought to be a haven where praise is liberally applied.

Carefully read this definition of praise: to give value, to lift up, to extol, to magnify, to honor, to commend, to applaud. If you give some creative thought to this definition, you can come up with hundreds of ways to praise your mate.

The more you verbally express your appreciation (praise), the more secure your mate will become in his or her self-esteem.

Have you ever asked someone to repeat a compliment?

I have. “Oh, you really liked our FamilyLife Marriage Conference?

Tell me what meant the most to you.” Inwardly, I am saying, “Yes, I need to hear this! Would you tell me one more time so I can relish your comments for a few seconds longer?”

Life can seem intolerably heavy at times, and a good, encouraging word can help to lighten the load and lift your mate’s spirits.

Arnold Glascow has said, “Praise does wonders for our sense of hearing.” It also does wonders for our sense of sight. When you praise another person, you take your eyes off yourself and focus on someone else for a few, brief moments.

This positive focus on another person not only helps to put his or her life in perspective, but yours as well.

Discuss: When was the last time you made an effort to praise your mate? Praise your mate three times before you go to sleep tonight.

Pray: That God would give you creative ideas on how to praise your mate. And if you haven’t ever done it, take a few minutes in prayer and praise God for who He is and what He has done in your lives.

Excerpted from “Moments Together for Couples” by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.
Used with permission. Copyright 1995 by Dennis and Barbara Rainey. All rights reserved. To purchase the book, visit ->


So how good are you at giving praise? I’m terrible at it, I need to keep this in the forefront of my mind……

God give me strength and a tender heart to think of the positive and give others praise…