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Love this post from Hope

Oh, and I really have to give these guys kudos, they do my PDF’s at no charge! Click here and give them some love!

I’ve been coughing and snotting for a couple days now, doesn’t it just suck when you go on a nice vacation, then come home and get sick?

So nothing interesting has happened this week, except getting home from Mexico, trying to get stuff back into order and having the stove go out on us, one more time.

Has anyone ever gotten their bag searched? I did, and got this lovely little note in my suitcase, with my scissors pulled out. I has some blunt kid scissors in my knitting bag in the suitcase.

The trip wasn’t very newsworthy, because we have been there before, and really we just sat by the pool, ate, swam, sat by the pool, ate, slept.

I took the boy jet-skiing and he screamed in my ear the whole 30 minutes. Dad took him snorkeling and he accomplished 2 minutes under water (can’t say that I blame him, I don’t like snorkeling either)

I haven’t had a short sleeve shirt on since I got my tattoo and being in a bathing suit made it easy for everyone to stare at me, I would forget about my arm and wonder why everyone was staring at it 🙂

Some guy read it to me in Hebrew, which I thought was pretty exciting, then asked me if I knew what it meant. Duh!

Cabo has a Walmart and Sam’s Club now, and it’s the hot spot in town. We bought some coffee there and it is awesome, just some cheap mexican coffee but it has cinnamon or its caramelized or something, it’s just really good. Bought a few bag to give to the gringos back home.

It was weird to walk into Walmart and see everything in spanish.

Aside from the fact my mind is racing all the time with conflicts in the family and my sleep is next to nil, we had a good time relaxing.

Oh, Mexicans do NOT know what a vegetarian is….

My friend told most foreign countries don’t, except Britain, which I guess they are coming around.

I ate nachos and quesadillas most every meal with salads, plus my morning protein shake. We came home and immediately went to our favorite teriyaki place here in town and devoured some good veggies, rice and… meat; for the boys.

Blessings on your weekend, tell me what are you gonna do this weekend?

For us, the big trip is to Costco.

Downstairs is almost done, pics forthcoming 🙂


1 Peter 1

13Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.

 14As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance.

15But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do;

16for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”

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  1. …wait, I’m confused…how i everything at walmart being in spanish different than in america?? : PPPPP
    ~~becuz in mexico there is no english on the products!

    i’ll at least give it to the lakewood w*m for having military flags all over the place.

    i saw a bunch of cute little vegetarian baby cows the other day!!! (no, wait, they’re not vegetarian yet, but someday they will be!) : D

    (yes, I know they are calves, but baby cows sound so much cuter.)
    ~~ok, someday they will be on your plate. umm, i think they are vegetarian now, but when they start getting the steroids and sub-par food with cow in it, then they will be carnivores. i gave my hubby a ration becuz he ate veal sauce on his food. yuk.
    baby cows is much cuter

  2. I can’t snorkel either. Something about my whole body being submerged and breathing at the same time just isn’t right. I tried in Maui with my daughter one year and actually had a panic attack. Pitiful! She laughed!

    We’ve had our bags searched like that too. Weird isn’t it. but the worst was when we flew to HI the first time in the Spring of ’02. Of course, that was right after the 9/11 attacks. I went through the beeper thingy right after my husband, we both sailed through. But for some reason the 2 “look at me I’m an officer” dudes thought it best to search me a little more thoroughly. So there I was, stuck in between not being allowed in and not being able to go to my husband who had already “made it” to the safe side. They took their little beepy gun and started waving it around my body. They get to my front clasp on my pants, it beeps. I have to unclasp them. They get to the back of me…it beeps at my mid-back. I have to unclasp my bra…Oh YES I DID! So there I stood, my pants nearly falling down, clenched at the knees trying to hold them up and squeezing my arms down tight to my side so my girls didn’t salute the friendly officers! Horrific! Yes, in front of everybody! I was mortified.

    ~~oh my gosh, how awful! i think those guys just did it because you are a good looking female 😉

  3. I can quit a lot of things, but meat isn’t one of them. I just love it. And yes, Jesse’s photos are really good! I really enjoyed looking at them.
    what am i going to do this weekend? hmmm. we have a dinner of 8 saturday night and church sunday with a potluck. trying to think of what to bring. trying to consider meatless something (for you) but i just can’t think of anything. are you getting enough protein???

    ~~yes, my friend, im getting enough protein. actually, better purer protein with no fat unlike meat.
    i just got told my vit D is low, tho. i couldnt be working out, lifting wieght and keeping these muscles if i didnt have enough protein.
    i ahvent eaten your food yet, becaus i havent been able to keep anything down. but its in the fridge waiting for me.

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