Stuart Tagged Me; 10 Random Things


From Stuart

7  10 Random Things:

  1. My house is in the midst of a re-model, it’s ugly
  2. I hate change and get myself worked up if there is change
  3. Mexico will be seeing my white flabby thighs in 2 weeks!
  4. I’m a vegetarian and working toward vegan, its easier said than done
  5. I love good theological conversation, but rarely find it
  6. As I eat better, I’m losing my tolerance to consume processed foods (and my sense of smell is better)
  7. I collect old bibles
  8. I’m eagerly anticipating spring and working in my garden
  9. I hate thinking of 7 random things about myself, there is tons of random stuff on my about page, check that out!
  10. I use the word hate too much


I’m not tagging anyone, but comment and tell me what on your plate for the weekend


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