Quotes of the Day


Thanks be to God, since the time I gave up the use of flesh meat and wine, I have been delivered from all physical ills.

~John Wesley, letter to the bishop of London, 1747

Men dig their graves with their own teeth and die more by those fatal instruments than the weapons of their enemies.

~Thomas Moffett. 1600

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  1. But I LOVE meat….the rarer the better. My Opa was 99 when he died and he had his eggs and fried potatoes every morning smothered in bacon grease. Commenting on this post is making me hungry.
    ~~Those quotes came out of my new favorite book, The Vegetarian Way. BTW, is your cholesterol good?

  2. you asked about my cholesterol…actually, I had to have it checked a year or so ago to upgrade my life insurance policy..and it was good..don’t remember the #’s…but I do remember they said I was fit…I do have “white coat” syndrome,where my blood pressure spikes when i go to the Dr’s office…but most of the time I’m there due to some injury anyway…plus I also LOVE my coffee so I’m “jazzed” on that during the day.

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