Construction, Bubble Boy, 3 Inch Scar, Etc.



This always gets my goat, don’t know why, I think because my mom had one and she sets it out with all her other Santa’s, sort of a “Phew, I’m covered, the Christians can’t attack me, I got baby Jesus in the mix” .
You can find it at the Catholic Supply store



Check out the caption:
ย There is no greater joy than watching a baby’s face at his or her first Christmas. The excitement and happiness parents feel are contagious and surely their child is not immune to the love surrounding this holy holiday. It is only fitting then, that the gentle gift bringer, Santa, comes to visit the greatest Bringer of hope, love and peace: the little Baby Jesus. As the Baby’s face lights upon seeing Santa’s gift, a cuddly teddy bear complete with big red bow, his hand reaches up to accept the precious gift. Santa’s eyes glisten as he sees the sweetness and beauty of the Baby Jesus, who, though nestled in His humble bed of straw, bears all the dignity and power of a King.


Well, we made it thru the surgery and the allergy testing.

The boy: is pretty much allergic to…. Everything outside. Everything. It’s time for the bubble. We were joking about at the dr. office, then the doc was giving him his options for treatment and the last one. A bubble.

Do any of you remember the movie Bubble Boy?

Son will be getting shots for a few years, twice a week to begin with.

The dog: She came thru surgery fine, 3 inch scar, still on pain meds., hopefully will hear the outcome by Tuesday. The vet who operated on her, has a golden who had 2 tumors so she was pretty knowledgeable on whole thing and she was much calmer than the first vet I saw.

The downstairs is being ripped apart and I’mย just stressed out. I really don’t like my schedule getting changed. All you OCD and bi-polar people can relate.

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  1. The Santa + Jesus thing is irritatingly gagworthy, yes. For reasons you mentioned, and also considering the historic sequence of Jesus and St. Nicholas, third century bishop (in, Turkey, which is not near Bethlehem).

    (And wasn’t it Teddy Roosevelt who popularized the teddy bear?)

    (So THAT’s what swaddling clothes look like!!!)


    I have no problem with legend, but Christ should really be kept out of it. I imagine God had this, among other things, in mind when He gave Moses the 2nd commandment, eh?

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed the pink wall, but maybe it’s more recent than my last trek into your basement, which was a long time ago.

    Get the place too cleaned up, with an extra shower, and you’ll end up with three boys at home!

    Hope Anna heals up soon! :/
    ~~yeah swaddling cloth looks like a quilt, a wrapping paper quilt. pink wall has been there for years, girl, you just never come over any more *sniff*.

  2. I soooooo dislike the santa/jesus thing. But eh…maybe one of the wisemen dressed up like santa when THEY brought gifts ๐Ÿ˜‰

    very nice pinkalish wall you have there..

    And we have about a dozen of the happy birthday jesus tats here ๐Ÿ˜‰ My kids wear them…usually on their forearms or foreheads if I’ll let them…ROFL!

  3. LOL

    I think the last time I was in the basement was years ago when Kris (and BJ?) and I came over and watched… (…something…I just had it… oh! Pearl Harbor [I knew there was some reason I had to leave the room :P]) on the new, huge TV. Jess brushed and braided my hair over and over. I was a static monster by the time it was over.

    Good times.

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