I Have Found My Hubbys B-Day Present


Black & Decker Alligator Lopper 

Sweet! Look at the picture of the alligator on it.

Of course, my hubby has cut every single tree down in our yard leaving us melting in the heat during the summer, but in the blustery windy rainy winter, as in today and yesterday, he has protected us from trees falling into the house and killing us.

But tools make the man, right?

From Amazon

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  1. Hey, send your hubby to my house this coming February…I have 80 apple trees to prune…plus we orderd another 50 that will be here early April..so there would be lots of branches for him to snip….and you are so right…there is nothing like a new tool (or gun)
    ~~his birthday isnt until august, but maybe if he is willing to help you trim trees i will get it for him earlier 🙂

  2. Tell him if he helps we can target practice after we finish…I set up a shooting range to practice with my new glock 9 mm semi automatic pistol this Fall….wait a minute..that was YOU that liked to shoot guns if I’m not mistaken… 🙂
    ~~yes, and i was the one who owned a glock, and 357 magnum.

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