Daily Archives: December 31, 2007

Year End Stuff ~ 2007 & Looking Ahead


I was trying to think of some highs and low of this past year:

Lows: Broken foot, death of my dear friend Barb, failing (sinning) time and time again on the same things ūüė¶ ,

Highs: Hubby’s new job, my son.


Not too interesting to you all, but for me a big one: my cravings for alcohol are diminishing, I’m remembering what I felt like after I drank and that feeling is taking¬†priority over the temporary high feeling while drinking.

Working out/eating right¬†and just generally feeling better. God’s saving grace in my life, even tho I do fail over and over again. The bible study we had at my house this summer.

My life is pretty boring, people……..

As for new year’s resolutions, I stopped doing them when my christian journey started. Don’t know why, but maybe I can write some down so I can look back and see if I accomplished them.

1. Go to school, I’m looking at medical office (my son is thinking about becoming a chiropractor and having a bit of office training, I could help him in his business, I had to promise him I would hire cute receptionists for him ūüėČ

(I’m also looking into cosmetology, computer¬†and veterinarian tech stuff)

2. Be better at attending bible study, fellowship gatherings at church and being more of a people person, I’ve been playing the hermit this latter part of the year and that’s not good.

3. Slowly my thoughts on Christianity have been changing, minutely. Probably become of all the heathen blogs I read. But they make me think. They often bring more questions than answers.  Often times I think; is this of the Devil? Or of my own selfish thinking? Or is this what Jesus really would have thought/done/wanted?

Even things about the bible. I love  studying the bible, I love looking up the words, I want to know what the book says about God and Jesus. When I began I wanted to know everything I could so I could be ready to defend myself, my stance on this path I chose to take (or did I?)

Do I worship the bible? Do I worship the church? It seems like I’m good at studying and knowing the word, and good at being the lovely little deacons wife/helper/secretary (well, not that good, but if you asked people at church, they would probably say ”Yeah, Kristina’s life is pretty good, no worries there”) Side note; this post and comments are awesome.

Am I good at worshipping God? At being an example of Jesus and wanting to strive towards Him being of utter thankfulness at His saving me?

Nope. And it sickens me.

So number 3 would be to keep on striving to love Him and walk the path He has chosen for me, to worship Him and His Father, not things of this earth.

4. Balance. To have balance. to know. to know what  is right and wrong. to love. Everyone.

Ok, I’m done. Gotta go work out and attend the New Years Eve Bunco Bash at the church. Have fun tonight and please be safe!