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Can I Get Some Help Here For Cassie?


I received this comment the other day:


I was born again to Christ about two years ago. I am a former Roman Catholic. By the grace of the LORD was I saved. I just finished your article on Christmass. The pagan holiday. I am having such a hard time and hope you can help. I have four children .One did not buy gifts BUT loves her Christmas music. One does not celebrate but is gay and is coming to Christ. The other two celebrate. I have a HARD time being near them. I am getting so depressed if you will. What can I do?? I have given them articles. I have read from the WORD. They say yeah so. I am tired. I realized after reading your letter that I NEED TO GET RID OF THE TWO PRIMITIVE TREES IN MY HOME. I love to look at the lights on them,  I have them up all year long. I can now see that they are pagan no matter what. Am I right??? I thank you for reading this and look forward to your HELP. In Christ, Cassie

I wanted to answer her scripturally and accurately and I also didn’t want to leave her hanging over the holiday, so here was my answer:

thank you for commenting, I want to let you know that I need to think about this a bit, but didn’t want to leave you hanging, but I will say this off the top of my head:
Christmas is not about Christ, not in the earthly sense.
Christians can make the focus Christ but the world has made it something totally different.
As you see from the articles, Christmas never was a Christian holiday. The Christians stuck some stuff in there and incorporated it into their worship services. To fit in, as it were.
My own personal opinion you need to read the Word and decide in your own heart and mind what you want to do for this holiday season. Then once you decide, stick to it. No matter what. Be kind and gracious to others who don’t think like you do, but remember, lights, trees and presents aren’t to be the focus. You, as an living example of what God had done in your life, should be the focus.
Please let me think about this more for a few days and I promise I will get back to you. I know its hard, I struggle with all the demands, commercialization and expectations the world puts upon me and that I put upon myself.
I will be praying for peace and wisdom for you about this, Kristina
I’m also thinking of putting your comment up on the blog for others to answer at a later date, I won’t put your name, and I won’t if you don’t want me to.

She was gracious enough to email back. But she had another question for me, which I post here for you to answer as well, what do you do for the Lord’s day?

Hello Kristina,     

     Well, the “primitive trees” were taken down right after I read your article. If I had to think about it and it was consuming any thought that was NOT of Christ then it must have been Satan. Jesus is not about confusion. I thank you for helping me. I look forward to your answer and understand you need time. I know witnessing comes from the Holy Spirit it is not something we sometimes can get right away. Please, post my question. Anything that helps spread the WORD of Christ our Savior.  I will continue to be in the Holy WORD. I do not attend any church. I would like help also if you could on the Lord’s day. Do you celebrate this? If so how and when? 

 In Christ,Cassie
For us, The Lord’s day is spent at church, in the morning. With my husband being a deacon, and my son helping with the sound, there is always things that need to be done at the service. I try to make Sunday a day of rest and family time. We sometimes have people over for lunch (and we need to do that more often) We read the paper, eat a quiet lunch, do bible study. I try to get the boys to not watch TV, but I lost that fight awhile ago and decided that’s not a huge battle I want to fight. Got plenty of other stuff to battle. When there is sunday evening worship, we attend, but right now there is another body of Christ (Russian church) meeting in our church and they have a service  in the evening.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Kristina


Dear Father, encourager,

Encourage our hearts and knit them together in love with the heart of Jesus and the hearts of every other child of yours!

Give us all the riches of knowing and understanding of what you had formerly kept secret, the Good News about Jesus Christ, for in him you have hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Give us firm assurance in him.

Whatever new dimension or unfolding of your grace that shall come, it will be, I am convinced, a disclosure of the good things originally hidden in Christ. Help us to know it when we see it.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.