Star of Bethlehem


This really intrigues me~

What IF, Jesus was born on or around April 17, 6 BC?

How would that change the way we look at holidays?


Celebrating Jesus birthday? and resurrection?

Who gets to decide if what the ‘star’ experts are saying is truth?

Are there groups of Christians out there that beleive this? Where are they?

I watched part of this show the other night, its really good.

Decided to google it.

Here is some stuff I came up with:


1. This page was copied from Nick Strobel’s Astronomy Notes.

Go to his site at for the updated and corrected version.


By Susan S. Carroll

The Star of Bethlehem is one of the most powerful, and enigmatic, symbols of Christianity. Second perhaps only to the Cross of the Crucifixion, the importance of its role in the story of the Nativity of the Christ child is almost on a par with the birth itself. However, the true origin of the Star of Bethlehem has baffled astronomers, historians, and theologians for the past two millennia.

For the purposes of this discussion we shall consider four possibilities:

That the star was a “one-shot” occurrence – never before seen and has not been seen since; it was placed in the sky by God to announce the birth of His Son;

That the Star was added to the story of the Nativity after the fact;

That the Star was a real, documentable astronomical object;

That the entire New Testament was falsified.

If you subscribe to the first theory, then we, as astronomers, have nothing to talk about. It was a supernatural miracle that defies scientific explanation. However, many theologians insist on putting some sort of divine interpretation on the Star as part of the story of the Nativity. By admitting that the Star was a natural phenomenon, with an actual scientific explanation, is tantamount to totally removing its heavy symbolic significance. After all, how could something so miraculous have such a mundane explanation? From Here

3. From Christian Answers

4. From

5. From

Anyway, it is an interesting subject. Would love to hear your comments!


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  1. My favorite choice for The Star of Bethlehem is from an Astroarchaeologist who said that it was the entire solar system that announced the birth of Jesus Christ.
    An image of the actual chart is at

    This site (link above) confirms that the Magi were highly advanced astrologers and also explains why noboby but the Magi witnessed the amazing star!
    ~~i love the statement ‘it was the entire solar system’ it would not surprise me that God would do that in such a big way!
    Blessings, Kristina

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