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Proverbs 11, Separating the Good and the Bad


I wanted to make a list of the differences in Proverbs 11.

Let’s see if this works, I did it on a MS works spreadsheet. It goes by verse.

{rteous stand for righteous}









accurate scales



dishonest scales









upright/integrity guides



unfaithful /destroyed



rteous/delivered from death



wealth/ worthless



blameless/makes straight way



wicked/ brought down



rteous/upright delvers them



unfaithful/ trapped by evil desires



wicked die/hope perishes



rteous man/rescued






rteous knowledge/ escape



godless mouth/destroys neighbor



rteous prosper/city rejoices



wicked perish/shouts of joy



upright/blessings of city



wicked mouth/city destroyed



understanding man/holds tongue



lacks judgment/derides neighbor



trustworthy man/keeps secret



gossip/betrays confidence



many advisors/sure victory



no guidance/nation falls



safe/no strike hands



security 4 ano./suffer



kindhearted woman/respect



ruthless man/gain only wealth



kind man/benefits self



cruel man/trouble on self



rteous man/reaps sure reward



wicked man/deceptive wages



truly rteous man/attains life



evil man/goes to death



Lord delights in blameless men



Lord detests perverse hearts



rteous/ will go free



wicked /punished


like a goldring in pigs nose  

beautiful woman w/no discretion



rteous desire/end in good



wicked hope/ends in wrath



man gives freely/gains even more



man withhold/come to poverty



generous man/prosper-refresh



man willing to sell/blessings



man hoards grain/curses



seek good/finds goodwill



search for evil/find it



rteous thrive/green leaf



trust in riches/fail



fool/servant to wise



rteous/fruit is tree of life



wise/wins souls



If the rteous receive their due on earth, how much more the ungodly and the sinner!


See any themes running thru the proverb?

What does the righteous receive?

Where do you see yourself in the 2 categories?

Blessings, Kristina