A Weeks Worth of Thoughts


For Tam, the holy days here

Another tat done Thursday. Its gladiolus, my hubby’s birth flower.


Yeah, it’s huge and it hurt. In the upper right hand corner he kept hitting a nerve going down my arm.

I’m using a small sponge roller from the paint dept. to put ointment and lotion on the thing, works pretty good.

UPDATE; seems that I have offended a church member and dear friend of mine with this statement. 

” Sad to think I haven’t shown my tat to anyone at church. Seems they are the most judgmental. *sigh*”

While it is a general statement and probably not well written or thought out, she is upset that I would think the church body is judgmental. Her, in particular.

So public apologizes to Liz and a better statement might be:

“I haven’t shown my tat to anyone at church because I’m afraid I might have to put up with SOME being judgmental towards what I did. But in a kind and good loving christian way, of course.

Hope that helps clarify things. 🙂


Trying to be a vegan. **SHOULD UPDATE THIS, I’M TRYING TO BE VEGAN, WORKING ON BEING A VEGETARIAN NOW.  things like cheese and eggs are getting put on the shelf right now until i figure out the meat thing.

Tough. Thought provoking, time and money consuming. I had already been eating lots of soy products and beans and healthy stuff, but really looking at labels….

Good things : Grainaissance Mochi Squares here. A little chewy not too sweet, but fun and would be good with a filling of some sort.


Silk creamer, Vanilla flavor here; I have to say drinking soy milk in my coffee sucks. But this stuff hits the spot.


Chocolate peppermint soy milk. Yum! Makes me almost happy about Christmas!


Bad things: soybean gas. Yep, I said it, yep, you are lucky you don’t live with me.

Beans, I hate the texture of beans, like navy beans, black beans. Yuk. Yuk. Yuk.

Another thing I worry about, am I getting enough protein for weight lifting?

My son is being a trooper and trying stuff with me. My hubby, not so much. I literally got sick making hamburger the other night, had hubby finish it.

It’s weird how your brain affects everything, a week ago I didn’t even think about cooking hamburger, but now, ewww.

The study of the Book of Daniel is so interesting, hard and amazing. How all this stuff in the bible comes together. I highly recommend doing an inductive study on it.

I’ll be doing another giveaway here next week, a little girls poncho. Stay tuned.


I need to take a picture of our Christmas tree, its under 4 foot tall and has 96 ornaments on it. sad, really, but my son wanted it up and he decorated it. He loves it.

Well, the princess whined just enough to get hubby to look at the hot water heater, actually I called the natural gas company and told them I smelt gas and they were here in under an hour, the day before Thanksgiving, in the afternoon. Kudos to Puget Sound Energy!

We now have a new hot water heater and I can lounge in the shower for hours without getting cold.

Saw this on Debi’s site: from here


Today, working on the bulletin, writing out Christmas cards, wrapping some presents.

Got my tags for the knitting project, so will be doing some knitting, also.

Hope you weekend is wonderful! Make it blessed!


Dear Father,

Help me and all of your people everywhere to be filled with complete knowledge of what you want, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.

Keep stirring up my spirit to make me want to lead a life worthy of the Lord Jesus Christ, a full life because it is fully pleasing to him.

May I bear fruit in every good work. May I daily increase in my knowledge of you.

In the name of Jesus, our awesome Lord. Amen.

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  1. I would never judge you for that tat since I have one just like it–though mine is at the bottom of my back.

    OK, maybe not, but it looks cool. And painful.
    ~~I’d say your body markings are more unique and probably more painful. And I wouldn’t blame you if you never got another mark on your body. ever. oh, and that is the last one on me, ever.

  2. Ah, but is it a genuine loving judgment in Christ or more of a fundy sort of thing?
    You were once there, you tell me ;), hey I tried to leave a comment on your site, but it didnt go thru, the arrows just kept spinning…..oh, isee that it went thru

  3. It went through fine. I saw your comment.

    Obviously, I wasn’t thrilled about some of the conclusions that were drawn on various, *issues* while I was there – but I never really got an impression that there was much in the way of FUNdaMENTALism at the ERC. Maybe it’s just a matter of who you talk to. That’s probably the case at any church.

    But then again, I don’t have any tattoos and I keep my hair relatively short! 😉

    Anyhow, I think your tattoo is pretty.
    ~~well thank you, i’m sure it IS just a matter of who your talking to. and partly a case of – I really don’t want to have to hear about it. eh, oh well. life goes on and People are people so why should it be You and i should get along so awfully
    … oh my gosh, i just broke out in a depeche mode song!

  4. My marks just enhance my general manliness. The fire is gone, but I am still here. I can BEAT FIRE! How many people can say that?

    Plus, I’ve already got the BADDEST BAD A** (censored for your protection) TAT EVA.
    ~~thats what I’m saying, yours beat mine hands down!

  5. Oh gosh…that’s absolutely beautiful!!!!! I love it!!!!! I’m soo jealous! I am waiting patiently to get my next one…
    ~~Thanks Carrie, did you check out last fridays post, I got one on my arm, also. but i’m done now.

  6. I don’t like tattoos. It’s not a judgement thing. Your flower is beautiful; I just don’t like permanent drawings on skin. Additionally, I hang my children’s art work on my walls, but I don’t let them draw on my walls.

    ~~ Tracy, thanks for the comment, like I said in some of the comments about this, I mostly just didnt want to hear any flack about what I did. (so thats where my attitude would be wrong)
    Seeing as how some people think its wrong (biblicially) and some people don’t. But I have to just take whatever comments I receive good or bad from my brothers and sisters in Christ.
    And I am to assume their intentions are good.
    I’m glad you are reading and commented. Here is another little secret, Im a bit ‘judgmental’ about my step sons tattoos, but only because he doesn’t have the extra money for them and there are not what I would have had him do. But its his arms (all of both his arms) and also his ears he is putting half inch plug things in. So, I gotta just love him. Now what would I say if my son did it? hmmmm….
    Love you, Kristina

  7. Kris,

    You realize you’re now going to hell, right? At least we can talk in the breakroom.
    ~~the tat isn’t the reason I’d be going to hell, but yeazh, bring lunch cuz I’ll be the one stealing it out of the fridge :0

  8. thanks for posting on my blog this morning! Love your tat – I am in the same boat – hiding mine (well, sort of hiding) because I wonder who’s opinion of me at church is being negatively affected. Kinda sucks, doesn’t it?
    ~~the more I think about it, the more im feeling guilty about saying/thinking that about my church brethren. I should give them the benefit of the doubt. Obviously they have put up with me this long… 🙂 But am I really concerned with how they feel about my tats or am i concerned with my selfishness in having to deal with whatever advice/knowledge/opinion they give me? Becuz I’m not supposed to care what ‘man’ thinks, only God. But I have people among me who are wise, wiser than me and they are to keep me accountable (they might think 2 new tats are a sign I’ve flipped out!) Hope that’s clear, I’ve been ruminating about it for days now.Thank you for the comment BTW 🙂

  9. What about the “looks” and “veiled comments” you will likely receive? Maybe your church is the exception, but typically these things are pretty common.

    That’s not Jesus. That’s not a fault in you. That’s just stupidity in the name of Christ.

  10. well, i go to her church and I have a very visible tatt that I actually got at the same time as one kristina got like a year ago, and I have never hidden it, and actually I have never noticed anyone even looking at me funny. Of course it is a cool celtic cross that comes half way up my calf, and I guess if it were a pentagram or something they would look at me funny, but really the only comments I get are, “Is that new?”
    And of course we think you have flipped out, but not because of your tattoos. Mostly because of the meat thing. Oh, that’s just carnivorous me talking.
    I love you, girl. BTW… I like your newest tattoo the best.

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