Daily Archives: December 4, 2007

I am Sin Full



  • for doing outward things to my person to draw attention to myself
  • for not liking the way a bible study at my church is run, its not right for me, I’m not in enough control (and I facilitate the darn thing!)
  • for yelling at, holding resentment towards and being angry at my boys for not ‘remembering’ to do things the right my way
  • for keeping tally of wrongs done to me
  • for being offended by someone unintentionally offending me and mine
  • for opening my mouth without thinking
  • for not resting in the place God has placed me
  • not using my time wisely and ‘Godly’
  • for being legalistic towards others when they don’t make decisions like I would
  • for not stepping out and doing what the Lord would like me to do; helping others, volunteering, giving
  • for not praying, asking, thinking about what would God want me to do in any given circumstance
  • for putting my own negative feeling about this holiday season before the wonder and joy of the holiday that others feel about it ( I have the wrong focus)

 Psalm 66:18 If I regard (7200) wickedness (205) in my heart (3820), The Lord (136) will not hear;

Geneva study bible 66:18 k If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear [me]:

(k) If I delight in wickedness, God will not hear me, but if I confess it, he will receive me.

Matthew Henry Concise comm.:

Verses 13-20 We should declare unto those that fear God, what he has done for our souls, and how he has heard and answered our prayers, inviting them to join us in prayer and praise; this will turn to our mutual comfort, and to the glory of God. We cannot share these spiritual privileges, if we retain the love of sin in our hearts, though we refrain from the gross practice, Sin, regarded in the heart, will spoil the comfort and success of prayer; for the sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination of the Lord. But if the feeling of sin in the heart causes desires to be rid of it; if it be the presence of one urging a demand we know we must not, cannot comply with, this is an argument of sincerity. And when we pray in simplicity and godly sincerity, our prayers will be answered. This will excite gratitude to Him who hath not turned away our prayer nor his mercy from us. It was not prayer that fetched the deliverance, but his mercy that sent it. That is the foundation of our hopes, the fountain of our comforts; and ought to be the matter of our praises.

Commentary, critical and explanatory on the whole bible:

18. If I regard iniquity in my heart–literally, “see iniquity with pleasure.”


please do not allow the love of sin to sit in my heart, to block the vision of You, Your Son and Your Holy spirit in my life. Please do not allow the the love of sin to cause You to turn from me and be deaf to my prayers. You have promised to blot out my transgressions, and cleanse me from my iniquities. Lord, please do this for me, make your promise true.