Daily Archives: November 29, 2007

We Are Earthlings


I cried and cried and cried watching this for 2 days.

and here

I have watched animals being skinned alive, science being tested on them, bull killing, animals used for entertainment,

hides being made into jackets, pigs, cows, birds, sea-life being brutally killed for our dinner plates.

I have watched how we humans dump animal bodies, blood and animal feces into the beautiful ocean.

I have watched how greed, desire, lust and knowledge from humans dictate how we treat animals.

I have never been so saddened, disgusted and heart broken as I am right now. Ever.

Until we, as humans, stop desiring meat, leather and fur the killing of animals will go on.

Until we, as humans, stop desiring entertainment w/animals, the injuring/torture/killing will go on.

In the past couple days I have been watching this horrific video, my thoughts go back to;

If humans were not on this planet, would any animal out-number, over-power, needlessly kill another and disrupt the order of life?

My answer is always comes to no, the animals would live in perfect harmony

And if that is so, humans are what’s wrong with the imbalance of this earth.

What can we do to stop it?

What can one person do?

Where should one even start?

What does the bible say about this? Read the rest of this entry