He Was So Cute When He Was Young…


This is a note my son gave his dad, years ago. Hubby found it while cleaning out his desk, as he is moving to a different part of the company.

Dear Daddy,

I love you and I think you’re the best daddy in the world.

This is a verse I made up for you.

For God so loved Jim, he sent his son Jesse. Jim and Jesse lived happy with a mom and wife forever.



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  1. Hi mom!! I am in computers right now! how are you? Stephen can’t drive me on thursday because he has b-ball practice. so you will probably have to pick me up
    so do all these people reading this post know that i am STILL cute!?!?! jk.. in Speech 2day we had to write about who we would be most grateful for (except God). It was wierd because every one put there parents and i just put my mom… love you so so much!!! JESSE
    Awww, baby, I love you too!!! Momma. Now get to work, I don’t pay that private school bill for you to play on the computer 😉

  2. you know it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do you see me drawing my mom as a plane? no, that is only something i do for my dad (not saying he is fat!!!!) I LOVE YOU DAD!
    I love you mom.

    Happy i wrote yours in caps, dad?

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