Musings on….Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges


Finished this book

I should take a picture of it, I have post-it notes everywhere.

Good book, maybe the best way to review it is to give you some quotes to ponder:

  • the greek word for saint is hagios, and it refers not to one’s character but to a state of being. It’s literal meaning is ‘one who is separated unto God.’
  • usually, however, our sinful actions stem not from a failure to achieve but from an inner urge to fulfill our own desires….At the time, the lure of that momentary pleasure is stronger than our desire to please God.
  • Such is the power of our words. If I gossip, I both tear down another person and corrupt the mind of the listener. If I complain about the difficult circumstances in my life, I impugn the sovereignty and goodness of God and tempt my listener to do the same.. In this way, my sin ‘metastasizes’ into the heart of another person.
  • It is the gospel that stokes the fire of our motivation to deal with our respectable and subtle sins. It is the gospel that motivates us to seek to be in our daily experience what are in our standing before God.
  • The opposite of trust in God is either anxiety or frustration and Jesus has a lot to say about anxiety…{Matthew 6:25-34}
  • Suppose someone you love were to say to you, ‘I don’t trust you. I don’t believe you love me and will care for me’ What an affront that would be to you! Yet that is what we are saying to God by our anxiety.
  • the primary purpose of this book is to help us face the presence of many of these subtle sins in our lives and to recognize the fact that, to a large degree, they have become acceptable to us. We tolerate them in our lives with hardly a second thought.

Alright, I could go on, I have at least 30 more post-it notes on the pages of this book.

But there is a taste of the contents, oh, here is a list of the respectable sins Jerry talks about:


anxiety and frustration





lack of self-control

impatience and irritability


the weeds of anger


envy, jealousy, and related sins

sins of the tongue


I think we all can relate to at least one of those chapters, eh?

I related to all of them. I’m the worst of sinners and need God’s grace and mercy every minute of every day.

Get the book, get it from, read it, soak it in.

Blessings, Kristina

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