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Round 2 of Musings on ….KLK’s Comments


Here is klk’s second comment:

Also, how can you lead Bible studies if you yourself are just a babe in your walk? What can you lead with right now? I am not trying to be critical by any means. I just want to know how you can lead if you are fresh on the path.

I wouldn’t say I’m fresh on the path, I’ve been ‘saved’ for 9 years and have overcome many obstacles since that time.

I’m trained in Precepts bible studies and even led a proverbs 31 study. When you say lead, that is the correct term, I do not teach the bible, the bible teaches, the Lord teaches. I lead a group of women, plus myself through scripture and we learn with the help of study aids, commentaries, words studies and cross references what God has to say on a certain subject. I can honestly say I can lead a study with humility and always with the approval of my pastor and my hubby. I feel led to constantly be in study of the Word, I crave the Word, which I have since my walk with the Lord started. [I feel like I’m applying for  a job] I desire that other women learn the Word with me, because we truly cannot walk the walk of a Christian if we don’t understand Christ.

If you still curse and do other sins as a bad habit, have you really been born again and are you really living for God? I invite you to explore what this verse means:
Romans 6:1-5

“What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?”

This, of course, doesn’t mean we will never sin again. That’s impossible. By being dead to sin means we are no longer sinners (or people who sin as a way of being). Little things, like cursing, just can’t be a way of life for someone who is living for God.

This upsets me because…

1. I know I still have bad habits/sins that I need to work on, that God needs to refine in me.

2. I know I’m born again. I know I’m going to be with my Lord when I die or He comes back. I know my life has changed.

3. If I let every little thing I still do wrong get me down, my field of vision gets very narrow and I only see a small picture of my life, and I need to focus on the big picture of what God has done in my life and will continue to do in life. If my focus gets narrow and drawn inward I tend to get very depressed. Other people seem to see the change in me [they see the big picture] but when I just get done screaming at my kid for not cleaning the kitty litter, I  just can’t seem to focus on all the real changes my big God has worked in me.

Soapbox: we women [most women] have such a hard time with this, we get so bogged down with the everyday sins, the drudgery of life with kids, people, circumstances that we cannot see what God is doing, has done and will continue to do in our lives if we just stop and let Him. Depression is the number one ‘killer’ of women and part of that problem we cause ourselves.

If any of these things bother you that I said, please mark that as a good thing because it stirred something in you. Why did it stir something? Please pray on it and seek it out. You might be surprised at what you will find.

I’m not quite sure I will find any surprises in my prideful sinful greedy heart. God is very good at showing me my sins, God is also very good at giving me the conviction to work them out when He knows I can handle it. This would be called sanctification. My life is an ever-changing working out of my sins, leading me closer to Him. This would be called agape love, His love for me. But, my friend, I will pray on it.

Congratulations on starting to turn your life around and getting rid of your addictions. That is a great start. I just hope that you will seek out your own understanding of God (which will take quite some time) before you lead others in study…

I think I answered this above, my understanding of God comes from 9 years of bible study, praying, changing, loving, coping, dying to self, moving toward the goal of life everlasting unto the Lord. What better way to share what the Lord has worked in me than in fellowship and bible study with other ladies who may be struggling with the same issues……

Soapbox: One more note, we as humans, even Christian humans love our sins. Yes, really. We say we want to give up that secret thing that we so enjoy. We know its wrong, but we don’t really want to lay it at our Saviors feet. We get rid of the big ones, the ones people can see, but we keep a few tucked away, convinced that if no one sees it, well then maybe God can’t either. We carry it around like a baby, cooing to it, feeding it, making it grow.

We all need to pray for Gods conviction of those sins/bad habits, then we need to pray to the Almighty to help us remove them from our lives.

Thank you klk for your comments, God knew I needed to hear it and to comment on it.

*She says as she climbs down off her soapbox, hits the save key, takes the dog potty and climbs into bed beside her warm hubby.

Blessings, Kristina