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Musings on…..KLK’s Comments


Yesterday I received 2 comments from someone named klk on my ‘about’ page, and after musing over how I was going to answer, I decided to post it.

I have always tried to be real on this blog and show people that I’m not perfect, I love my God and want to live for Him,  I want to show on every post how the knowledge of God and His gracious love for me  effects my life and hopefully my life will influence others to strive for that same goal; to glorify God and live, obey and enjoy Him forever.

Because of this main goal I have for this blog, this comment needs to be addressed honestly and well…. I just need to answer it, because if this person saw this in my blog, then others will also and I truly don’t want that.

I am struggling with trying to justify these things, or just thinking and praying about them or just answering back.

Which I decided to do all 3.

I e-mailed this person to ask a bit more about them, so I would know how to respond. klk’s e-mail address is a university address, so I’m assuming he/she is in college. I also asked if he/she had read any other posts by me, because frankly, just getting the bit of info. from the ‘about me’ page can be misconstrued. Then again, I hope that is not the case either, my intention is not to misrepresent myself.

Anyway, blah blah about me, I might do this in 2 parts depending how long-winded I get. I’m in a upswing manic mode of my bi-polar currently and that tends to get me in trouble, so hang on!

klk’s first comment below

1) If God calls our body a temple, why would you be proud of permanently scarring your temple with tattoos and then wanting more…? God made our bodies exactly as they should look, didn’t he?

Technically or specifically,  the  1 Corinthian passage is speaking of sexual sin, generally,  it is speaking of all things the pagans did that the body of Christ should not do or engage in. The wearing of jewelry, long hair, short hair, covered hair, tattoos, cuttings, eating the blood from meat, eating meat, etc. Leviticus 19, just to name one passage,  goes into literally tens of things we are not to do, always in opposition of what the pagans were doing at the time.

Justifyingly speaking {is that a word?} tattoos are my obsession right now, I enjoy watching the tattoo shows and hearing the stories behind the tattoos, and possibly an addiction. Granted most of my tattoos were done before I was ‘saved’ the next one I’m getting is scripture, so hopefully it could be used as a witnessing tool.

Now with that said. Yes, I know my body is a temple to the Lord, yes, I know I shouldn’t be getting tattoos, Yes I know God knew what He was doing when He made me.

Soapbox: We, as a people, need to ask ourselves, how far do we go with old testament law? Do you, klk, do anything to change your body? haircut, make-up, hair gel, earrings, cut facial hair, pluck eyebrows, etc? Do you work-out, run track to condition your body, shave your face or legs?

Do you have any breast enhancements, cosmetic surgery, piercings on parts of body, fake fingernails, fake tan?

And we also need to ask, how much is too much? I personally think fake fingernails, tattooed eyebrows, fake boobs ~ most cosmetic surgery is wack.

But I have pierced ears, I pluck my eyebrows, color and cut my hair, wear clothes that fit me, wear rings and necklaces and have tattoos. Now someone else will think totally different and hey that is fine by me.

God did make our bodies perfect and in His image [another post on that later] and we are to be consecrated [set apart] to Him. He also is more concerned with our hearts……..

AND the second comment {I will answer the second part later, I must pray about this one}

2)Also, how can you lead Bible studies if you yourself are just a babe in your walk? What can you lead with right now? I am not trying to be critical by any means. I just want to know how you can lead if you are fresh on the path.

If you still curse and do other sins as a bad habit, have you really been born again and are you really living for God? I invite you to explore what this verse means:
Romans 6:1-5“What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?”

This, of course, doesn’t mean we will never sin again. That’s impossible. By being dead to sin means we are no longer sinners (or people who sin as a way of being). Little things, like cursing, just can’t be a way of life for someone who is living for God.

If any of these things bother you that I said, please mark that as a good thing because it stirred something in you. Why did it stir something? Please pray on it and seek it out. You might be surprised at what you will find.

Congratulations on starting to turn your life around and getting rid of your addictions. That is a great start. I just hope that you will seek out your own understanding of God (which will take quite some time) before you lead others in study…

More to come…..