Personal Musings on….Breast Cancer



While I was busy looking up Free Burma stuff, I remembered its National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Since my mother and her sister {my aunt} both had breast cancer and many of the search engines lead to my posts about breast cancer. I thought I would write about it. My post about it here. I wish you would take the time to read it.

I saw a blog recently that showed a 28 year old breast cancer survivor showing pictures of her post-op and breast implants.

Her bravery is astonishing to me. Her ballsy, in-your-face attitude about the cancer scared me. I wondered if I could be that brave.

I have thought about the breast cancer gene [with two+ cases of breast cancer in my family and it being estrogen positive, it could be a reality for me], if I had the gene, if I had the chance to take the test, would I?

My Aunt {age 60} [whose surgery was a few months ago] seems to have embraced the cancer, the surgery, the end results. She has become very informed about the disease and is willing to talk about it. In her private life, I don’t know. I’m sure she had the same fears we all would have if we found out we had cancer.  The same insecurities, the same doubts. She lives in a different time, or season of life, than I do.


Would that change that way she feels, if she were younger, without a hubby, without a lifetime of growing to be who she is?

My mother {age 64} [whose surgery was 11 years ago] choose reconstructive surgery with breast implants, where my aunt did not. My mother has never been happy with the result. It had to be fixed at one point. They press against her side and affect her lymphoedema [she had a lot of lymph nodes taken out from under her arm] She is miserable with the whole thing.

She just talked with a plastic surgeon who told her she could have a surgery that would take the implants out, take fat tissue from her stomach and place it in her breasts and have a tummy tuck, all neatly rolled into one nice 12 hour surgery package. After a bit of thought and asking about 800 people what they would do, she opted out of it.

I did not want to sway her opinion or decision in any way, it was her choice and she would have to live with the result, not anyone else.  I told her no matter what she choose I would be there for her. She had mentioned something about not liking the way she looked, and I told her the surgery would not be a cure-all for the way she FELT about the way she looked.

Her body image, the way she FEELS or perceives her body, has never been good and never will be, no matter what her decision is. Because her brain will always tell her ‘your body doesn’t look good’. Now this goes way back before the cancer. We know [women] our body image problems result from childhood or something in childhood.

Now I don’t know why I went off into that paragraph,  maybe to show you how different women react to their breast cancer, the women I know anyway.

How would I deal with my breasts being taken off? How would I deal with the body image perception, from myself, from others?

Now I’m going to talk about faith, faith in God. Do women of faith have an easier time of cancer? Would I have an easier time of cancer?

How would knowing the hope one has in God and heaven and being saved and the like help someone who finds out they have cancer? Breast cancer?

I don’t know, would I rest in the knowledge that God has my whole life in His palm, knows what will happen to me, knows what is good for me, knows the days of my life and knows I will be in eternity with Him?

Can I rest in knowing He knows if I have the gene capable of making breast cancer in my body? {oh, the tears are coming}

Can I rest in Him, knowing I could find out if I have the gene or is resting in Him not taking the test, knowing He will take care of me No Matter What?

Well, no matter what you believe, who you believe, the way to protect yourself is to:

*Do the weekly self- breast exams

*Please see your doctor if you notice any change in your breast tissue

*Get your mammograms yearly. {I have been getting mine since my mother was diagnosed}

*Take care of your body, no drinking, no smoking, eat right, live healthy

*I’m not advocating giving your money to anyone, but if your heart is leading you to make a donation for breast cancer research, please do.

*Please look at some of the websites, there is so much info. out there to educate yourself about this disease, take the time to google ‘breast cancer’

Thank you for listen, or reading as the case may be.

Blessings, Kristina

*disclaimer: these are my thoughts, you may or may not agree. In leaving comments {which I would love for you to do}, please be nice.

Please see these 2 sites for the best info. on breast cancer

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