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Update From Around the Homestead ~ Rants Included


Friday, September 28th, 2:39pm:

Its been a week since the last x-ray and I’m feeling pretty good about the foot.

Its hurting less and less, and I’m staying off of it.

I’ve been flexing the toes and twirling the ankle per doctor request.

Still feels numb in places, I think its the pressure from the brace that does it.

I go back to doc next Friday, for another x-ray and hopefully good news about the healing process. At that time it will be 8 weeks, 4 days and counting.


Yesterday [that would be thursday] at my sons soccer game…well, let me start with this, I used to be very competitive, now, as I grow older, or grow in grace, or just in becoming a mom, my competitive spirit has left the bldg.

My hubby loves to be competitive, its in the male genes, I guess.

My son, not so much. He enjoys playing sports, likes individual sports more than team sports. When he was young and in a different school, we had some problems with BAD sportsmanship on the part of the adults/coaches. And horrible tormenting kids {at a christian school}

He was pretty soured on sports in general. Hubby wanted him to try wrestling for one season, so he did. He has been on metro parks swim team, likes track and soccer and wants to try cross country. He does not like basketball or football. Cool with me. Less broken bones around here, the better 🙂

Now, as a mom, I don’t like to see my baby, er I mean, boy, hurt, physically or mentally.

So our agreement has always been, if the sport stops being fun, you can stop doing it.

He, of course, must finish out the season, {because we pay extra moolah for him to play} and really I don’t care if he ever plays a sport. Yes I know, he is gonna get crappy sportsmanship-like behavior in real grown-up life, so he better learn to deal with it now… and he is a boy, so he needs to toughen up or man-up, as it were.

BUT, back to the soccer game…

The soccer coach is very vocal and competitive, both the head and assistant coach.

For the past 2 games they have taken my sons jersey away from him to give to the ‘better’ kids who forgot their jersey, so he didn’t get to play {yes, he is a freshmen and freshmen don’t play much, I get that}

But we are in a christian school and responsibility and morals should taught. If you forget your jersey, you don’t play. No matter how good you are.

Also, when it was halftime, the coach is yelling at the kids, mind you, a halftime ‘pep’ talk..he says, and I quote “I don’t talk to losers, I only talk to winners, I just can’t talk to you” and walks away.

He also told a kid, ‘quit walking around like joe cool, you gotta sprint to the ball’

Then the assistant coach called one of the kids a wienie when the kids was in the field. One of the parents told him he was out of line, and the coach argued with the parent.

Hello? Does no one knows what the word ‘Edifying’ means. Am I being too sensitive?

My momma hackles shoot way up and I can feel myself getting really ticked off.

I will have to say I have heard him say nice things to the kids, and to give him the benefit of the doubt, I think he just gets really wound up at the games. Hmph.

Then walking out to the car after the game the coach proceeds to tell my son, you’re a good player, if we were up by 4-5 points, I would have put you in.

I have asked my hubby to talk to coach, but as of yet he has not.

After I heard the comment coach made after the game, I yelled ”IT IS ON!”

When I’m off these crutches, someone else might be on them, if you know what I mean.

After sitting in the freezing cold watching the game [in which my son didn’t play, but talked to girls the whole time and talked about prostate exams with the other freshman boys] and after my hubby hits the front bumper of my beautiful car on a curb,  I announce I need some Cheetos.

Picture me sitting in front of my computer, watching LA Ink, eating Cheetos AND sour cream and cheddar potato chips AND drinking diet Dr. Pepper. Oh yeah, with a bag of dark chocolate peanut M&Ms in the side drawer.

Thank God I just eat when Im frustrated and don’t drink anymore.


We are off to see a movie this weekend and winterize the house. Ya know, put away the lawn furniture, pull up the garden and put the fans away. Well, the boys are doing that, I will sit and supervise…. hehe

Thanks for listening!

Blessings, Kristina

UPDATE! the movie we saw, The Game Plan was very, very good. Very cute, The Rock, that is. The movie could have gone 2 very opposite ways, the guy and kid could not have connected and had any chemistry and reality together.

Or it could have been so sugary sweet my teeth all pop out and hit the screen.

Well, it didn’t go either way. The whole thing worked. Disney did pretty good. The Rock, Dwayne, has a way about him, to be bad-ass and soft at the same time. (I like that in men) And there was twists in the plot that made for good viewing.

Go see it, good for all ages!

note: Vin Diesel in The Pacifier did NOT work.