Daily Archives: September 18, 2007

I Dream of Walking….


For many nights now I dream of walking…….


I’m thankful for..

A God who forgives me for being an abstinate little fool who thinks she knows everything

A husband who loves to take care of me and loves me even tho most of the time, I am very un-love-able

A son who loves me and takes care of me and still thinks his mom is pretty cool

A mother who is willing to come take me to the doctor today despite her own medical concerns

A church full of people who are praying for me even tho they have more critical issues in their own lives

A house, a home, modern conveniences, time to help others

Enough of everything, that God has provided, for us and an overflow to help others

Friends, wise ones and foolish ones, and that I have been given a part to play in their lives

A free country to worship in, men to fight for it, men to lead it

Neighbors who come over and watch after me and my puppy

For family, even the difficult ones

For my ongoing never-ceasing sanctification

Whenever I am a blessing to someone, by the grace of God, because that is what I’m here for…..

Blessings, The Home Engineer