Working Myself Up for This….


Thursday 3:20 pm:

Ok, So I’m hurting and working my mind into a frenzy…

My thoughts here are as follows:

1. call the doctor, get an appt. for next Tuesday. Get an x-ray (because my foot is hurting more and little tingly)

and get a cast on for a week.

2. just deal with it and hope I haven’t damaged it anymore. and be taking the risk of hurting it more with just a brace/boot on.

I know I can handle a cast on for a week {barely} but is gives me panic attacks, I can take medicine for it [at night] but it makes me a bit dizzy. So I would get no homework done or the bible study I’m facilitating at church on Wednesday nights.

The cast hurts my ankles and heel like crazy.

But the pain for a week, is nothing compared to surgery. Right?


I have been sitting here shaking all day, trying not to do ANYthing.

And that’s probably not gonna work out too well for 2 weeks, my butt is already hurting from sitting all day.

And if I get an x-ray in a week compared to in 2 weeks, and if its displaced then I can get ready [mentally] for surgery. Ugh!

Decisions, decisions.

Friday; made the call to the doctor, made appt for tuesday….at 3 pm, my mom is coming to take me. Hubby said he would help with the bible study on Wednesday nights

Pray for me, hopefully I didn’t hurt the foot worse, its numb and tingly on the soul of the foot and hurts. I’m taking Advil every 6 hours.

Saturday; Now my bottom and back is starting to hurt from sitting so much. Must get to the chirocracker.

But on the bright side we watched Wonder Woman and my son loved it!

Now he is singing the theme song and cracking up over her super powers.

Blessings, Kristina


About Kristina

54 year old Christian lady, knitter, crafter, church admin, thrill seeker (only when shopping at thrift stores for tremendous bargains) my 4 dogs and my pigs servant, a child of God, saved, redeemed and trying to be joyful in a fallen world.

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  1. Lynda Carter. Hmmmm. Who else could end a war with love?

    Did you know her sister used to have a Christian exercise show on the religious stations?

    I couldn’t find a reference on the web, so I prayed and when I opened my eyes, my computer had miraculously opened this site:

    I hope you realize whey your pubescent young man liked Wonder Woman so much, right? HINT: She has a pair of them and they’re not bullet deflecting bracelets.

    I’m sorry you foot hurts. I hope by Tuesday your pain will go away and you will cancel the appointment.

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