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How do you like the new theme? (i changed it back)

Free Grace Broadcaters is a publication of puritan guys on various subjects, I received the marriage one and it is awesome, ranks up there with TableTalk. {Ashley, I will let you borrow it, Jason & Tim; heard of these guys?}

E-mail them, and get free publications, catalogs, tapes and prison minstry info. Great stuff.

Some Baptist seminary is offering homemaking classes, check out this post to investigate more….

While I was working out this morning, I was serenaded by my son playing ‘A Mighy Fortress is our God’ on the piano. What a sweet song! Listen to it here

Interesting post on Sin against the Holy Spirit here

I read ‘me’ in this post, I might be brave enough to try it – someday, but it should be now not later, there isn’t much time left….

‘Preacher’ Paula White and hubby calling their marraige quits Here

Do you know what a neologism is?

Dark circles under your eyes? Look Here

He’s dead, she is free. What’s up with that? what about the kids? Look Here

Craftzine.com blog is awesome! See it Here

Top 10 uses for coffee grounds at Curbly.com

100 things you can make here

What is and isn’t an Everyday Christian Here

{while I don’t agree with all that is listed here, most of the list is very good}

I haven’t been knitting much, I just finished a few blankies for the Humane society kitties, and still working on bikini and a shrug. I feel if I sit down and resign myself to knitting I’ve giving up on the notion my foot is getting better. Which I don’t think it is. But I want it to be. It’s pretty swollen and blue but after a few hours with it up and ice it looks much fleshy-er. (Is that a word?)

Finished up the Proverbs 31 bible study that was at my house. Will write a post on it soon. Great study and awesome ladies who joined in on the fun!

I Have Given You Enough Material to Last All Weekend, enjoy!

This weekend is the setting up of the penguin collection at the county fair, hubby works all weekend, and the last week before school starts again.

May Blessings and Joy Abound in You~ The Home Engineer

Dear Father,

Give me great faith. Help me know whom I have believed and absolutely know that you are able to guard until that Day what I have entrusted to you and what you have entrusted to me.

Thank you for the salvation and holy calling that you have given me. This was not in virtue of my goodness but in virtue of your own purpose and grace. This is what you gave us in Christ Jesus ages ago and have now manifested in the appearing of Christ upon earth.

In his name I pray. Amen.

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  1. And one more thing…

    I liked your old theme better. I know lots of people are doing this theme, and I will probably be in the minority, but the colors here just don’t make it for me.

  2. “I liked your old theme better. I know lots of people are doing this theme, and I will probably be in the minority, but the colors here just don’t make it for me.”

    Sadly, I must agree. The old theme was MUCH better.

  3. For my boys, I switched back! (i couldnt get used to it, either)
    Yeah, Cavman had the original article about paula and I had commented on it, so I was tracking it, can’t say I’m surprised, sad, really, i agree with most of the sane commenters on the original news website. they should take a break from preaching and get their personal lives back tog. @ cavman.wordpress.com
    I love the picture on the side that Brahnamin designed, would like to put that on the top of the blog…..

  4. I liked how the other theme broke up your different posts, though. Less overwhelmingly… white. 🙂

    The Master’s College has a Home Economics major that’s much the same. There was a joke when I was there that the guys partied with the girls from one dorm, and dated the girls in another, but you married the girls from the third one (there were lots of Home Ec majors there).

    It wasn’t quite true, because the first dorm was the one I lived in, and we were the only ones with kitchens in each apartment, so the guys actually got real, home-cooked lovin’ there. But there were some wild apartments… (we were wild, but only in the form of lasagna fights whilst making dinner, or sneaking in creme de menthe to make grasshopper pie, and other related domestic things). Harmless. (And we didn’t wear jumpers.) 😉

    About marriage: I’m reading an AWESOME biography of Katherina von Bora right now. I am such a history nerd. But it’s really grippingly written, too, which is a feat and a treat, and I didn’t mean to rhyme that. (And, so shoot me, I really like all the Catholicism parts, but she runs away from the convent, which I like, too, so I’m not a total heretic!)

  5. I didn’t know your theme changed… it’s those no good RSS aggregates. They keep me from looking at actual sites unless I want to comment.

    I feel so left out.
    Jason, I only had it up for one day, you didnt miss much 🙂

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