Musings on….Jesus Camp


We watched Jesus Camp last Sunday Night…..

I was all ready to go bonkers on it, had my pen and pad in hand ready to take notes for the blog.

{you know you got the blog bug bad when everything is a blog post opportunity}

It really wasn’t that bad. I did have to crack up, one of the first lines was an overweight lady telling, actually preaching to kids, that America was fat and lazy and it was a sin.

Misc kids were shown in their home setting as well as at the camp setting. Most kids were 10-13 year range.

Their lives were immersed in the church, don’t quote me but I think the church was Pentecostal.

It might have been the speaking in tongues that clued me in 😉

I was amazed and humbled by the young girl who gave a bible tract to a teenage girl in a bowling alley and told her God had told this little girl to talk to her.

The older recipient was quite shocked and didn’t really know what to say. Dad later congratulated the girl was being so brave.

I wish more kids, scratch that, I wish more people would be more responsive to the Lords leading in that area.

Since I didn’t grow up being indoctrinated with religion of any sort and have only gone to one church my whole christian journey, seeing the grown-ups pray over all the camp fixtures was kinda weird, but nothing unbiblical about that.

The chairs, the equipment, the counselors, etc. all got the once over.

I was also every surprised at all the mention of sin in this documentary. Evangelicals don’t like to talk much about that.

But this pastor Becky Fischer was ferverent in telling these kids sin is designed to destroy you and the devil goes after the young.

The kids were told they were hypocrites if they acted one way in church and another in school and to come wash their hands of their sin, all came up to have a bottle of water poured on their outstretched hands, crying and talking in tongues the whole time.

At the camp [ each day] the pastor would preach 1 hour sermons with 20 object lessons in each sermon.

I noticed scared wide-eyed looks from the kids when someone said or did something wrong. Fear, maybe?

One of the 12 year old boys preached a sermon one night. He did pretty good.

I wonder how much is fed into these kids, {or is this coming from the Lord?}

The words they use, sort of just parrotting the grown ups, but after thinking about it, of course they are fed, indoctrinated, trained.

They are told America is God’s nation and they brought out a cardboard prez Bush to pray over. {isn’t Israel Gods nation?}

Some reviews of the movie online state they were worshiping Bush, which was not the case….

Some ‘guest speaker’ came in to talk about abortion, he brought with him models of 7 wk old fetus for the kids to hold and awe over.

They also stood in front of the white house praying and doing this:

They prayed for righteous judges to rule over them, made a covenant to end abortion, and was told not to be a promise breaker.

I noticed:

lots of working up a fervor among the kids, crying, talking tongues, flopping on the ground.

lots of underlying threats

      to hold them responsible

     to pray, to change America.

Rev. Haggard was only on the last part when one of the kids went to see him preach, The Rev was a smart alec, and I took an instant dislike to him. The 12 year old boy was standing on the stage looking around in awe, and when asked if someday he would like to do this [preach in huge bldg] he said yes breathlessly.

It was written on the screen that Haggard meets with the President every friday.

I think Bush could/should be meeting with different spiritual advisors……

I just read here that the camp is closed down fearing the kids safety.

Here is the website affliated with jesus camp

Maybe these kids will grow up and change America, maybe they will be leaders, movers and shakers….

Hopefully they realize the chief end of man, to love, obey and enjoy God forever.

Blessings, Home Engineer

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