Marriage To Make Us Holy



Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
This is no ordinary self-help book on the Christian family; it focuses far less on how to improve one’s marriage than how one’s marriage can improve one’s Christian faith. Author Thomas even goes so far as to suggest that “God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy,” an idea that may shock romantically inclined Americans. Marriage, writes Thomas, is a spiritual discipline because it forces us to confront our own selfishness and sinfulness. Daily sacrifices can teach service, while a demanding, lifelong commitment teaches perseverance. Problems arise when couples expect each other to fill roles (such as unconditional lover) that only God can play in their lives. The book is a refreshing addition to the evangelical canon; it draws not only on the extensive marital analogies found in Scripture but also on Church history and tradition. This makes for a thoughtful and challenging message that is not susceptible to the evangelical mode du jour. Thomas is honest about his own marital ups and downs. Although the book is sometimes hampered by its overwhelmingly male perspective (most of Thomas’s examples are taken from men’s stories), the various personal anecdotes crystallize the idea of marriage as a context for spiritual growth. (Feb.)
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Book Description
Starting with the discovery that the goal of marriage goes beyond personal happiness, writer and speaker Gary Thomas invites readers to see how God can use marriage as a discipline and a motivation to love Him more and reflect more of the character of His Son.

 I have not read this book, but a few friends of mine have and totally recommend it, so I ordered it with the devotions for couples book.

If we think of our marriages, our spouses are our first ministry then we would be more apt to willing to serve them as unto the Lord. Like Christ does for His church.

And the book quote is right, God gave us unto marriage for our holiness not for our happiness.

 {although happiness I’m sure is to be included}

My hubby just said as I was telling him about this book , great now I’m gonna hear ‘’it’s my ministry’’ anytime I do something for him.

Then he said, ‘’yep, it’s your misery’’

He is such a card, I’m so glad I married him 😉

Blessings, I will let you know how the book is!


I just read the 1st chapter of the devotions for a sacred marriage and already feel humbled and sinful.
I’m a self centered spouse, I do not BUT should love my spouse for or because of my reverence to God!
Lord, give me the heart, mind and strength to love my husband for Your sake.


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