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Musings on …..Giving Part 1


On the tail of this post which saddens my heart tremendously and this post I wrote Get Off Your Butt!

I have story to tell you…..

I send bibles out to foreign countries, via this ministry.

I have established ‘relationships’ with 2 pastors.

One is in India and I send him English bibles.

The other is in Malawi and I was sending English bibles, but he has written numerous times and requested Chewa bibles.

He has also requested other things.

Bibles, phone, clothes, money.

Robbers killed his watchman and ransacked his house, took 70 bags of maize, stole his car [which was found later in a nearby village with no tires or engine],

And he cares for orphan children and his wife died in childbirth.

About 1 month ago, I sent 100 dollars for a case of bibles and 100 dollars to help with rebuilding his house, I wrote him and told him this was a gift and I didn’t usually have this much money to send.

{I had received some money for Christmas}

The car will cost 2150.00 to replace tires and engine; he also needs clothes and shoes for his children. He has also requested a Nokia phone.

Now I am not ranking on his guy, he sounds as if his heart is good and he is legit, he has had some serious ‘bad luck’ in the short time I have been corresponding with him.

My dilemma:

When I started this little ministry, it was to send bibles to people overseas who desired the Word of God.

The shipping rates were pretty good, about 1.05 per pound to most foreign countries.

As of May 14th, the shipping rates skyrocketed to about 200 dollars plus for a 30 pound box!

This pastor in Malawi needs more that I am able to give….

What should I do? Do I venture out and give more than bibles?

Where do I draw the line in supporting this man and others?

Is supporting Compassion better? Am I really feeding a child with 32$ a month?

There has got to be a person with a Nokia phone hanging around to give away, doesn’t there?

I read somewhere here in the Northwest, there is a company who ships crates of clothes to people.

Does anyone know of this place?

I can’t even afford to send bibles anymore, so I am to write a sad letter to 2 pastors, which I have been procrastinating doing…..*sigh*

I’m still grabbing bibles off the thrift store shelves, most of the time I can’t even carry them out of the store, there are so many of them.

I give them to the Tacoma Rescue Mission Jail Ministry.

I also have 1000 bible tracts sitting under my coffee table. From here.

I can’t afford to ship them, so I will put them on freecycle or Craig’s list.

My mind gets going on that 200 mph train and I can’t stop thinking about it, what to do, what to do…..

A week ago when my son got home we talked about sponsoring a child thru Compassion

He picked out this little guy profile.

But, wow, are we doing enough? I know of a few families [personally] who don’t have enough food for their family, should I sponsor them?

What does the Lord say about giving?

Find out more on Part 2……