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Federal Vision


~As of today, my aunt had her surgery, doing great, the cancer is NOT in her lymph lodes, which is so awesome!

The docs. are doing another test to see if chemo is needed.~


Going off a post from this site,

I’d like to bring up the subject of Federal Vision. {I think I’m against this theory, but have yet to break it down into readable terms, help please}

From Wikipedia

I also have the book ‘Reformed is not Enough”

Maybe I should read that.

From Here:

Proponents of “the Federal Vision” continue to maintain that God’s dealings with his people may be viewed from two basic perspectives: one “decretal” and the other “covenantal.” They consider Reformed theology to operate from the perspective of God’s decree, while the Bible ordinarily operates from the perspective of God’s covenant. Therefore, they favor a restatement of traditional Reformed theology from the perspective of the covenant. By this, FV proponents say, they do not radically modify the substance of Reformed theology.

From Federal Vision.com

And From Paul’s Perspective, opposition of the Federal Vision

If you have time and are interested in sort of thing, please read.

And if you have an opinion or can break it down for me in easy middle-aged home engineer words, tell me!

Blessings, Kristina

Are You Truly Reformed?

A True/False Quiz from the Westminster Confession of Faith

Developed by Douglas Wilson

1. Water baptism is to each baptized individual a sign and seal of his ingrafting into Christ.

2. Water baptism is efficacious in the work of salvation.

3. The work of the Spirit and the word of institution accompanying the sacraments makes any discussion of the efficacy of sacraments irrelevant.

4. Worthy receivers really and indeed feed upon the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the Lord’s Supper.

5. Good works are the necessary fruits and evidences of a true and lively faith.

6. A man may expect pardon without grieving for and hating his sins.

7. Resting upon Christ alone for obedience in sanctification is not a principal act of saving faith.

8. Saving faith does not have to believe the entire Bible to be true.

9. The power and ability that Adam had to keep the covenant of works was a gracious gift of God.

10. Communion with God was the grace that Adam fell from when he broke the covenant of works.

Answer Key:

1. T (xxviii.i)

2. T (xxviii.vi)

3. F (xxvii.iii)

4. T (xxix.vii)

5. T (xvi.ii)

6. F (xv.ii-iii)

7. F (xiv.ii)

8. F (xiv.i)

9. T (xix.i)

10. T (vi.ii)