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Does Numerology have a place, any place, in Christianity?


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  1. it had quite a bit to do with judaism

    most modern christians would not be pleased to count it part of their faith. in fact they’d probably call it heresy

    and they would angrily pooh pooh you away if you pointed out just how much some of the prophecies hinged on numeric equations.

    we’ve cherry-picked the OT law to death as far as what still applies to us today and what does not, but the whole *witchcraft* angle is one we’ve clung to fiercely.

    forget that modern forms of divination and witchcraft have very little to do with the sort of practice forbidden in the OT.

    forget also that many OT men of god practiced both sympathetic magic AND divination in the era of the patriarchs and on into the age of the law.

    i’ll say it could easily be part of legitimate christian practice

    but it WILL run face first into that pesky *don’t cause the weaker brother to stumble* rule

  2. Brah;
    i see you have been checking back here, maybe looking for more comments?
    there is more on the TSARD site.
    im surprised no one who reads this blog commented on this.
    only if to know why i posted it.
    the reason i wrote it is because as i was hacking up a lung with the mucus in my stomach at 4 am in the morning, i turned on the TV and was watching paula white on TBN.
    yeah, i know, dont get me started.
    anyway, she had a guest on who was giving a new revelation of prophecy from God.
    this guy was talking about how 2007 would be a completing year, a perfecting year, all anyone has been waiting for will come to completion this year. and it will all be good.
    and of course showing all the examples of numbers in the bible.
    well, paula, [who we all know is a great preacher and prophetic]
    {*dripping with sarcasm*}
    said she greatly believes in numerology and knows its important to God because He is a God of order and cuz the bible told her so. (paraphrased, obviously, by me)
    I personally have no qualms with numerology and,
    like anything else, it needs to be used with balance and within context of the rest of Gods word and Christians should not let numbers come before their Lord.

  3. 2007 is turning out the best year of my life so far, but not because Paula White said so.

    God is a God of order; He IS reason, He IS logic, because He is the I AM. He reveals Himself to us in the Word and in nature (which includes reason, including math), but He reveals Himself because and where and how He WANTS to be known by us.

    He didn’t write a book of enigmas–that would be foolish and fruitless, and inconsistant with the gracious God of the Bible, who wants to draw all men to Him. He does not hide Himself, except to confuse the minds of those who deny what He’s already clearly revealed. He sure as heck doesn’t “accidentally” get His secrets discovered by us, because we are so brill now in the 21st century, and have finally mastered all these secret systems.

    Our God is a God of rich symbolism, insofar as it reminds us of His glory and faithfulness to us. He commanded His people from the beginning to set up monuments, to count days, to wear a tassle, to feast on the unblemished lamb, to feast on His flesh and drink His blood, and remember Him.

    To the extent that God has given types and order and commanded memorials and commemorations, to that extent, we should take care to notice the lessons He has for us there. We should not miss one of them, because they declare His glory. But while we should never fall short, we should never run ahead, either, in devising mysteries where He has been plain.

    “Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly before God.”

    “Fear God. Honour the king.”

    These things are plain, and we neglect them to our shame as well as our danger. I believe we do so to create a new god who fascinates us and tickles our own ears and imaginations, because we frankly aren’t too keen on doing what the true God has given for our good and our safety.

    Don’t know that that’s quite the answer you were looking for. Just my thoughts.

  4. I have reason to agree with all your thoughts. I was attempting to get a answer from this site because when I looked at the numbers in my life and what they meant. I saw me . I was better understanding of the way I thought and was made by God. I agree that there needs to be a balance though. I know the holy spirit is the only person who could help you identify you along with Gods word. Then again God being a God of order used numbers and they play a specific role I beleive in discovering your purpose on earth.

  5. God has an appointed time for our death and i believe he had an appointed time for our birth hence our birth dates. he gave every one a name hence why we have names. these two major things about us are used in numerology and yes i agree with the last sentence of david 24/4/08
    ~~thank you, debs for the comment

  6. I absolutely believe that numerology has its place in christianity. Numeroloy and the interpretation of prophecy has its roots in Judaism and is a component of Faith. Why do you think that God would allow a book in the bible to be written called numbers. This book was written so that people could identify with who and what there origination was and still is. God uses numerology as a carpenter uses a hammer.

  7. The real question should be why is numerology in Christianity? You can find symbolism in numbers throughout the bible, and since Christians believe in the bible they are connected to that subtle yet undeniable influence numerology had on the writers of the bible. If you are a Christian, you are a numerologist by association with the Jewish authors of old who believed in numerology and used it in their daily lives. I personally am not saying I agree or disagree with numerology. It is quite intriguing, but I find it even more intriguing for a Christian to even have to wonder whether it has a place in their life or not, it already does.

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