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Gobbledygook: Friday Special


Ok, this guy is funny!



Books for you:

How to Positively Love the Negative People in Your Life

Book Description
Humorous and filled with practical solutions, Living With Eeyore is a treasure chest for anyone who lives or works with negative, depressive individuals. This book will help you not only survive but also learn to relate to your Eeyore with a dash of humor and genuine love. And you’ll get a few “life jackets” to keep you from drowning in his sea of negativity! Inside Living With Eeyore you’ll discover how to
* Distinguish Eeyore’s personality from depression
* Appreciate Eeyore’s strengths
* Genuinely listen to Eeyore
* Effectively communicate with Eeyore
* Lovingly challenge and correct Eeyore
* Apply God’s Word to your situation

(actually I might read this one, only because I can be an eeyore and I know some eeyores!)

YOU! God's Brand New Idea: Made to Be Amazing

In this upbeat and intriguing gift book, best-selling author Max Lucado praises the inborn purpose and potential God has packaged in every human being. Each person is a brand new idea from God. The challenge is to live to the full potential of that idea! The life-directed content appeals to anyone wanting to live to their fullest potential, and the contemporary, retro design along with excerpts from Max Lucado’s best-selling books combine to form an attractive and timeless gift.

Wake Up to the Gift of 24 Hours

From Publishers Weekly
Beloved Christian author Lucado (Traveling Light), whose books have sold over 55 million copies, follows the psalmist by encouraging readers to “rejoice and be glad” every day. Lucado does mean every day—even the day you get fired, or the day you learn your husband is having an affair. Since God is in charge, even lousy days are opportunities to grow, serve and find joy. Lucado provides a formula for this tall task: “Grace. Oversight. Direction,” easily remembered by the unsubtle acronym G-O-D. The first step to rejoicing each morning is to drench your day in Jesus’ grace, remembering that Jesus has forgiven you for whatever mistakes you made yesterday. Next, seek God’s oversight and provision in all that you do. Finally, if you “want to blow the cloud cover off your gray day,” embrace the direction God offers you. To illustrate these three principles, Lucado draws on biblical stories and contemporary unsung heroes of the faith: a Christian lawyer who oversees an orphanage in Beijing, for instance. “Daylifters”—page-long reflections on Scripture—conclude each chapter, and a study guide (not seen by PW) fills out this inspiring, if anodyne, book. (May)

(These last two are really probably not bad, if you like Max, I think He is too fluffy, but, that’s me, maybe not you, what I don’t like is the packaging, too commerical-y)

I’m off to a local pet store today to volunteer for the Humane Society.

It’s that time of year where its getting busy with sports and end of school activities.
We have track for my son, baseball games of all the kids we know, son is in a play next week, church softball starts soon, (don’t even get me started on that 🙂 )

Then summer vacation. I can’t get my boy to go to camp in the summer, of any kind. Doesn’t want to go. So we have Kristina Camp. Basically it’s cleaning and doing whatever the camp leader says. He still goes for it. I’m hoping he will get tired of it and want to do something fun, like CAMP!

Just received this e-mail;

“Fair Warning”:

New Ordinances to Regulate Solicitation 

·        April 14, 2007:  City of Tacoma’s revised Solicitation Law goes into effect. This means that Solicitation is prohibited in most instances. City Ordinance Prohibiting Solicitation is defined as follows: 

 TMC 8.13B.030 will prohibit:

·        All soliciting for an immediate contribution directed at passing motorists 

 TMC 8.13A.040 will prohibit “coercive” panhandling.    TMC 8.13A.040 will prohibit soliciting for an immediate contribution within 15 feet [8.13A.030 (A) (1)] of: 

o       ATMS/banks;  o       the entrance of a building, unless the solicitor has permission from the owner or occupant;

o       an exterior public pay telephone;

o       a self-service car wash; a self-service fuel pump;

o       a public transportation stop, vehicle or facility; or

o       any parked vehicle as occupants of such vehicle enter or exit such vehicle. 

  Soliciting is prohibited for an immediate contribution without regard to distance [8.13A.030 (A) (2)]:

·        on private property, unless the solicitor has permission from the owner or occupant;

 ·        after sunset or before sunrise; or ·        in any public transportation facility or vehicle Violation is a misdemeanor [maximum $1000 fine and 90 days in jail] except coercive solicitation is a gross misdemeanor [maximum $5000 fine and 1 year in jail]


OK, am I the only one who thinks this is kinda weird?

 How are the pan handlers going to get this warning?

Is someone gonna pass flyers out?

How are they gonna pay the fine if they can’t panhandle?

Does the government reallly think 90 days in jail is BAD for the homeless person?

Homeless person: “oh damn, caught again, what!? another 90 days in jail, and free food, wait, aw man, I have to take a warm shower and some one else has to pay for it? damn, I’m so bummed! ”

Side note: am I being a bit negative about this or does anyone else see it?

Ok, I’m done with the little side rant 😉

Have a great weekend, Peace Out! Kristina

10 Nehemiah said, “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”

    11 The Levites calmed all the people, saying, “Be still, for this is a sacred day. Do not grieve.”