What is Your Spear?



We watched ‘The End of the Spear’ Saturday Night.

As I was watching, bawling my eyes out, I noticed something.

The Waodani Tribesmen, fierce natives of the Eucadorian jungle, always carried spears. Constantly. 3 of them. They were warriors, fighting with another tribe, avenging their tribesmen’s death, taking the women as prisoners, even killing the children.

Every little thing ticked them off. They made the spears, polished the spears and carried them everywhere, always on alert for trouble and for hunting their food.

A beautiful black jaguar was one of their victims (I only say this because I love black panthers) because they thought the other tribe sent a ‘bad’ jaguar spirit to them.

As the movie goes on, we find out the spearing of others makes them strong. Their highest goal was to Jump the Boa into death, or become a termit.

As the white ‘foreigners’ people (I will try not to ruin the story plot for those of you who have not seen it) integrate themselves into the lives of the tribe, we see them share the gospel, heal the sick, not retaliate when threatened by the Waodani, even unto death.

The tribesmen watch the white folks apprehensively, always holding their spears, while the foreigners heal the tribes hated enemies of polio.

Slowly the men come to know the grace of God by the wives of the men they killed.

We see the men, finally putting down their spears, putting clothes on, making houses and becoming calm, peaceful, loving and trusting with smailes on their faces.

Sidenote: I was wondering about the clothes, by putting them on, is it because they were copying the white people or because they realized their sin and felt shame?

What spears are you holding to make you strong?

What do you need to put down to be able to get on your knees to your God?

What do you need to drop so you can look up to the Lord Almighty?

The One who took away your sins and set you free.

Free from the end of the spear.

Blessings, Kristina

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  1. Great post Kris.

    Clothes: That’s why I am a nudist. Since I am pure in Christ I don’t need clothes.

    Spears: Good, albeit tough, question. Ponder, Ponder. I don’t know that I have something between me and God, more likely I have something between me and people. God I do pretty well with. (Oh, and Jesus told me this morning to say “hi” from him.)

    I have struggled for years to figure out how to deal with people who insist on being religious.

    If a person is sincere I have little problem with them. If a person is abusive and/or insincere I tend to react to them abusively. To be strong before them I use my wit, sarcasm and the willingness to go to places they are unwilling to tread. It’s typically not a fair fight: I can cuss, abuse, comment on the relative size of their man parts; but as Christians they won’t respond in kind.

    Of course I also use scripture at times to point out how they twist things.

    So if I had to lay down a spear or two in order to get to my fellow man it would probably be those things. At this point I don’t know if I can or if I even want to. I guess I need to ponder some more.

  2. “more likely i have something between me and people”
    Great comments. :o, since youre being all nice and sincere and stuff… Think maybe you could just take my comments off that April 1st post? I don’t want to look like more of a fool than I already feel……:cry:

  3. I thought it made you look like a caring, sincere person and me look like I was being a jerk. But I’ll be happy to take them down…

  4. its all about perspective, i guess. Do what you want, it’s your blog, baby! im just a squirrel, trying to get a nut to move your butt…
    oh, man, just went into the 90’s dance music mode…sorry, let me compose myself….

  5. I haven’t seen the movie but my kids and I read two biographies about this story – one about Nate Saint and the other about Jim Elliot. We like to read biographies about missionaries and these two were probably the hardest to read because of what happens. I am a BIG cry baby – I cry at everything and when I got to the last couple of chapters I couldn’t read it because of my crying so I passed it to my daughter (I read them out loud to my kids) and she tried but she was crying too so she had to pass it to my son and he had to read it to us. I know the story turns out good (from an eternal perspective) but boy was it sad! Because of that I’m kind of afraid to see the movie – I’d probably drown us in my tears! 🙂

  6. Hi Kris.

    Good post. I need to watch that movie. I agree, and think maybe I shouldn’t have posted anything on WC site too. I almost fell for it…glad I read the comments…:-(

  7. So am I still a blasphemer Satisfied? It’s a pretty extreme accusation to throw around. You know nothing about me yet your knee jerk reaction is to accuse me of an unpardonable sin. Then you assure me that Jesus loves me, though it it obvious you have not even tried to love me yourself.

    You are the perfect picture of Christ.

  8. whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s this comment?
    Is this to Satisifed housewife or me?
    SHWife, no, I should have posted on WC site, he and I both can learn and grow from it. It’s made me think…..
    I don’t think WC is a blasphemer. But now, i should do a word study on it!
    Kevin is just like us, he is a child of God, just because he doesn’t ‘worship’ like us (or even deal with people like we do)doesn’t mean his father is the devil.
    His post was not meant to be mean, and he admitted that, here i was thinking i was all mad because i got fooled and i looked like a fool for the comments i made, (because really i should have known better and all pretty selfish on my part)
    and he in turn felt lik a jerk because of his post. (becuz he made me cry, no, just teasing, WC)
    With Kevin, there isn’t much we can tell him, he has been thru and done things, persecution and rejoicing with His Lord. He probably won’t change his spots and we either like him or don’t, read his posts or don’t, BUT we are called to love him as brother in Christ and if we deal with him, that’s how we are to love him.
    Let’s put it this way, I’m really not gonna let people change my opinions/perspective on my beliefs in God. And someone would be hard pressed to change my ‘sins’, i.e. my swearing, my un-christ-like behaviors. God is the only one who is able to do that.
    So, with that in mind, i deal with Kevin on his terms, i don’t mind his wacked out sense or humor and his harshness for stupid christians.
    Now, SHW, I would have to go back and read your comments to Kevin, but if you feel Kevin or I or anyone needs to be worked on by the Lord; pray, pray, pray! Cux He is the only One Able to change a heart.
    SHW, i will check out your site later, we are rearranging my sons room and baking for the passover breakfast tomorrow!
    Love in Christ Always, Kristina

  9. Hey Kris, I feel like I should be telling people: “Leave me alone or my big sis will come and beat you up” except that I’m older and bigger than you.

    And you’re certainly right: People either love me or hate me. Most people love me (of course.) I’m glad you do.

    Oh and of course the post was meant for “Satisfied” not you. In fact I have devoted a whole post to her over at my blog (surprise, surprise) and, no, it is not as nice as yours.

  10. WC: funny you should say that about big sisters, i have a little bro. by 3 years, and i was forever kicking the crap out of the bullies who picked on him in school. And whenever he fought w/his friends, i would beat them up, then the next day they would be buddies again.
    So now, i don’t do that with my son, tho i want to sometimes.
    But it doesn’t look good for a weightlifting mom to be beating up her 14 year old son’s friends. Tho they are mostly scared of me, especially the girls. 🙂
    But you also know, if you step outta line, i will make a comment, in a loving christ-like manner, of course 😉

  11. i have to add something to sat. house wife.
    i was NOT indicating by any means that she was a stupid christian, if she took it that way.
    Or in any way saying anything bad about her, to her, for her…. 🙂
    Just stating my opinion on how to handle the WhoreChurch

  12. WC,

    Thanks for dedicating a “special post” just for me. I really felt the love. I think I’ll stay away for awhile, just because I don’t want to waste time with strife and things that don’t really matter, but only bring more harm than good. I’d rather spend my time encouraging and being encouraged by other believers, rather than useless, time-wasting arguing. I mean no harm against you, and have no ill-will against you, I just don’t want to spend my time in worthless debates.

    I’d love to have you over my blog sometimes. You will find I am pretty “heavy” sometimes, and sometimes very transparent, but that’s just because of what God has been doing in my life lately. He’s been making some major “overhauls” in me lately, which I am glad and so thankful for His mercy in that.

    God bless, I’ll be back to visit soon!

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