Daily Archives: April 6, 2007

What is Your Spear?



We watched ‘The End of the Spear’ Saturday Night.

As I was watching, bawling my eyes out, I noticed something.

The Waodani Tribesmen, fierce natives of the Eucadorian jungle, always carried spears. Constantly. 3 of them. They were warriors, fighting with another tribe, avenging their tribesmen’s death, taking the women as prisoners, even killing the children.

Every little thing ticked them off. They made the spears, polished the spears and carried them everywhere, always on alert for trouble and for hunting their food.

A beautiful black jaguar was one of their victims (I only say this because I love black panthers) because they thought the other tribe sent a ‘bad’ jaguar spirit to them.

As the movie goes on, we find out the spearing of others makes them strong. Their highest goal was to Jump the Boa into death, or become a termit.

As the white ‘foreigners’ people (I will try not to ruin the story plot for those of you who have not seen it) integrate themselves into the lives of the tribe, we see them share the gospel, heal the sick, not retaliate when threatened by the Waodani, even unto death.

The tribesmen watch the white folks apprehensively, always holding their spears, while the foreigners heal the tribes hated enemies of polio.

Slowly the men come to know the grace of God by the wives of the men they killed.

We see the men, finally putting down their spears, putting clothes on, making houses and becoming calm, peaceful, loving and trusting with smailes on their faces.

Sidenote: I was wondering about the clothes, by putting them on, is it because they were copying the white people or because they realized their sin and felt shame?

What spears are you holding to make you strong?

What do you need to put down to be able to get on your knees to your God?

What do you need to drop so you can look up to the Lord Almighty?

The One who took away your sins and set you free.

Free from the end of the spear.

Blessings, Kristina