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~ Help With Passover Synopsis




The boy and I read over the passover and last supper passages this morning over breakfast (our church gave us holy week readings)


1 The LORD said to Moses and Aaron in Egypt, 2 “This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year. 3 Tell the whole community of Israel that on the tenth day of this month each man is to take a lamb for his family, one for each household. 4 If any household is too small for a whole lamb, they must share one with their nearest neighbor, having taken into account the number of people there are. You are to determine the amount of lamb needed in accordance with what each person will eat. 5 The animals you choose must be year-old males without defect, and you may take them from the sheep or the goats. 6 Take care of them until the fourteenth day of the month, when all the people of the community of Israel must slaughter them at twilight.

The 10th day take the lamb in house; the 14th day, kill the lamb.

14 “This is a day you are to commemorate; for the generations to come you shall celebrate it as a festival to the LORD -a lasting ordinance. 15 For seven days you are to eat bread made without yeast. On the first day remove the yeast from your houses, for whoever eats anything with yeast in it from the first day through the seventh must be cut off from Israel. 16 On the first day hold a sacred assembly, and another one on the seventh day. Do no work at all on these days, except to prepare food for everyone to eat—that is all you may do.

for 7 days eat bread w/out yeast.

1st day hold a sacred assembly and the 7th day hold a holy assembly.

18 In the first month you are to eat bread made without yeast, from the evening of the fourteenth day until the evening of the twenty-first day. 19 For seven days no yeast is to be found in your houses. And whoever eats anything with yeast in it must be cut off from the community of Israel, whether he is an alien or native-born. 20 Eat nothing made with yeast. Wherever you live, you must eat unleavened bread.”

So on 1st month, 14th day to 21 st day, no leavened bread.

Lev 23

The Passover and Unleavened Bread

 4 ” ‘These are the LORD’s appointed feasts, the sacred assemblies you are to proclaim at their appointed times: 5 The LORD’s Passover begins at twilight on the fourteenth day of the first month. 6 On the fifteenth day of that month the LORD’s Feast of Unleavened Bread begins; for seven days you must eat bread made without yeast. 7 On the first day hold a sacred assembly and do no regular work. 8 For seven days present an offering made to the LORD by fire. And on the seventh day hold a sacred assembly and do no regular work.’ “

This says, Lords passover

1st month

begins 14th day

on 15th day, feast of unleavened bread begins

7 days no leaven bread

1st day (14th day of month) ~ sacred assembly

7th day (21st day of month)  ~ sacred assembly.

Luke 22

The Last Supper

 7Then came the day of Unleavened Bread on which the Passover lamb had to be sacrificed. 8Jesus sent Peter and John, saying, “Go and make preparations for us to eat the Passover.”

That would be the 14th day of 1st month.

Was jesus entry four days before passover?

Tying it in with the keeping the passover lamb in the house for 4 days?

so the unleavened bread eating would be the week after this. (?)

a sacred assembly would be that day and the next week.

so, all during this week,  jesus’ arrest and trial was taking place, right?

39But it is your custom for me to release to you one prisoner at the time of the Passover. Do you want me to release ‘the king of the Jews’?” John 18

So, on the 19th day Jesus was crucified and

on 21st day of the month Jesus’ tomb was found empty.

List of Dates

Pesach will occur on the following days of the Gregorian calendar:

  • Jewish Year 5766 : sunset April 12, 2006 – nightfall April 20, 2006
  • Jewish Year 5767 : sunset April 2, 2007 – nightfall April 10, 2007
  • Jewish Year 5768 : sunset April 19, 2008 – nightfall April 27, 2008
  • Jewish Year 5769 : sunset April 8, 2009 – nightfall April 16, 2009
  • Jewish Year 5770 : sunset March 29, 2010 – nightfall April 6, 2010

Taken from here.

This Chart is cool, too

So, we just sort of pick dates close to the jewish month Nisan to celebrate ‘easter’?

Is there certain requirements for celebrating Lord supper? Our church does it wevery week. some other church’es once a month, Should it still be once a year? And should be it be more like the the last supper the Lord had in the New Testament?

Ya’all gotta break it down to me in ’41 year old woman w/no formal bible education’  terms, ok?

Blessings from the Lake House, Kristina