Human Frailty


Salvator Rosa, 1615 – 1673
L’Umana Fragilita, c.1656 (human frailty)
Conception is a sin, Birth is pain, Life is toil, Death a necessity

~human frailty~


Weak and irresolute is man;

The purpose of to-day,

Woven with pains into his plan,

To-morrow rends away.

The bow well bent, and smart the spring,

Vice seems already slain;

But passion rudely snaps the string,

And it revives again.

Some foe to his upright intent

Finds out his weaker part;

Virtue engages his assent,

But Pleasure wins his heart.

‘Tis here the folly of the wise

Through all his art we view;

And, while his tongue the charge denies,

His conscience owns it true.

Bound on a voyage of awful length

And dangers little known,

A stranger to superior strength,

Man vainly trusts his own.

But oars alone can ne’er prevail

To reach the distant coast;

The breath of Heaven must swell the sail,

Or all the toil is lost.

William Cowper

(who suffered from depression his whole life)


About Kristina

52 year old Christian lady, knitter, bible collector, crafter, little business owner, thrill seeker (only when shopping at thrift stores for tremendous bargains) my animals servant, a child of God, saved, redeemed and trying to be joyful in a fallen world.

3 responses »

  1. Jesus, where’er thy people mee,
    There they behold they mercy-seat;
    Where’er they seek the thou art found,
    and ev’ry place is hallow’d ground.

    For thou, within no walls confin’d,
    Inhabitest the humble mind;
    Such ever bring thee, where they come,
    And going, take thee to their home.

    Thanks for the great Cowper! You made me take him off the shelf.

  2. As a poorly practicing Calvinist I must say that I have a weakness for the puritans also. Cowper especially. I know where he is on my poetry shelf at all times. Very extreme and dramatic imagery.

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