Is This a Truly Awesome Transformation? Or……


**Just to let you know there is no pictures of Melissa Scott on this blog and no links to pictures of Melissa Scott when she was Barbi Bridges……… 

Friday Night I was flipping channels, watching Animal Planets E-Vets and Intervention…

and stumbled across a woman preaching out of  Genesis 4, the genealogy’s of Cain and Abel.

She was discussing/pondering how they could have lived for 900+ years.

She is a beautiful woman, young, long flowing hair, clerical collar and over-sized jacket, black slacks and flat shoes, she had many charts and 3 white boards which she wrote all over. Her dress was very interesting to me, she covered up pretty much all of her, making her very generic and asexual. Obviously not wanting the focus on her. I didn’t know why then….

Thomas Hawk doesn’t like the Scotts ~

Wikipedia says:

Their church:

This is from  ~

I was flipping the TV dial one restless night and I found a sermon by pastor Melissa Scott, a pretty, painted lady with big, 1987 hair and a priest’s collar. She had something of Gene’s piercing intelligence and conviction, along with his borderline lunacy and seemingly unbounded contempt for the audience. I imagined she was the good doctor’s daughter, but the truth was much more exotic. Melissa Scott is Gene’s widow: 39 years younger and a hell of a lot prettier than her late hubby, but just as full of holy piss and vinegar. Although there is still some uncertainty on the matter, various accounts have pegged her as a former porn star who worked under the name Barbi Bridges. (“I am the chiefest of sinners,” she has said. “Whatever you’ve heard about me, I’m worse!”) Apparently Gene’s fans first noticed her as one of the chippies in his backyard chorus line, but she so charmed the Doc that eventually the other girls vanished from the Scott telecasts, replaced by footage of Gene and Melissa riding some magnificent horses around the palatial grounds of the Scott estate. Soon she was joining him onstage at the University Cathedral for the Sunday sermons, often taking the mike to warble a few hymns. According to various sources, Gene actually proposed to Melissa on the air.

Unfortunately I did see some of her earlier pictures on the net, and there is no doubt, its her.

I found a video of Gene Scott ‘preaching’

Not a very good example of Godly preaching in the first 1 minute.

This is either an awesome Godly testament of what He, The Living Lord,  can do in a person,


just another anti-christ type of evangelical TV preacher.

Comments please. Has anyone heard of her? or him?


UPDATE on 10/26/2009: I found an article in Marie Claire about the Pastor, it is here

3Jo 1:4 – I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.
3Jo 1:8 – Therefore we ought to support such men, so that we may be fellow workers with the truth
2Jo 1:2 – for the sake of the truth which abides in us and will be with us forever:
2Jo 1:3 – Grace, mercy {and} peace will be with us, from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love.
1Jo 2:4 – The one who says, “I have come to know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him;
1Jo 2:21 -I have not written to you because you do not know the truth, but because you do know it, and because no lie is of the truth.
1Jo 3:18 – Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth.
1Jo 3:19 – We will know by this that we are of the truth, and will assure our heart before Him
1Jo 4:6 – We are from God; he who knows God listens to us; he who is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.
1Jo 5:6 – This is the One who came by water and blood, Jesus Christ; not with the water only, but with the water and with the blood. It is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth.

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  1. Total:
    i saw that video, very sickning! I would love to come to Christ knowing he would be my preacher! Great example. 😦
    (of course, I did sent it off to a couple heathens I know)
    Bad Kristina :0

  2. OK, I know what you’re trying to do: Get me to stop cursing. I’m telling you it’s just words. The same letters you use only arranged a little differently.

    Plus, sometimes mild words just don’t suffice. Like whem Paul wrote “shit” in scripture. We have to nice it up with “dung” or “refuse” but the best translation is “shit.”

    Then you encourage me to look at pictures of a porn star. Kris, if you keep this up my mom won’t let me play with you any more.

  3. Total Tranny,

    Are you REALLY glad? Really? Tell me you didn’t Google image search to see if she “really” was at one time a porn star?

    C’mon, fess up.

  4. Total Tranny,

    It IS a cute nick. Glad you think so.

    I agree porn can be a problem. One of these days I might write up a (somewhat serious) post about how to be free from porn. You’re fun. Thanks for playing along.

  5. Since I suffer from occasional insomnia, I have seen her on TV twice. I meant to tell you about her. I found her interesting but knew absolutely nothing about her. I actually enjoyed the study of the word, somewhat similiar to precepts. TJ

  6. Gene Scott was the only preacher I ever watched during my lost decade-the 70’s. Pith helmet, cigar, shocking white hair and the occasional profanity. It turns out that he really knew what he was talking about, but the package he presented it in was unacceptable to the mainstream church.

  7. Ok, notice I didnt give you the site when her ‘pics’ are found. So if you venture off to look at her, its on you!
    hmmm, heretic?
    her·e·tic /n. ˈhɛrɪtɪk; adj. ˈhɛrɪtɪk, həˈrɛtɪk/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[n. her-i-tik; adj. her-i-tik, huh-ret-ik] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
    1. a professed believer who maintains religious opinions contrary to those accepted by his or her church or rejects doctrines prescribed by that church.
    2. Roman Catholic Church. a baptized Roman Catholic who willfully and persistently rejects any article of faith.
    3. anyone who does not conform to an established attitude, doctrine, or principle.
    Yeah, maybe, but interesting, yeah.

  8. Kevin;
    one shit in the bible, and everyone gets in an uproar, there is worse stuff in there than that! (see most recent post)
    Total Tranny: (cute nickname) 🙂
    Altho yours is a total awesome tranformation of the physical kind, of course I was referring to the spiritual kind 🙂
    i was shocked to look up heretic, because i assumed the defintion to be different than it is.
    if you maintain diff. opinions than your churchs doctrine, can you be a believer?
    would that be like, a christian in a mormon church?
    or a catholic in a pres. church?
    i may have to edo another post on that one!

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  10. Intellectual Hottie “Mesmerangelist” – Televangelism is getting more bizarre. Witness the young widow of Gene Scott, who was a famous Los Angeles TV preacher. Her name is Melissa Scott and if the internet buzz about her is true, her past has been most indelicate. However, as an example of second iteration extremism – since she has appropriated Gene Scott’s style, or spirits – her new television ministry is a worthy study. Stated negatively, how does her ministry (and how did Gene’s) escape teaching God’s indwelling? Answer: By intellectualism, normally sufficient for the task of religious obfuscation, combined with a sexy flair, normally sufficient for all other obfuscation tasks. Suppose one wants to say, “Jesus saves.” An intellectual might say the same thing by 1) quoting John 3:16 and 2) talking 250 minutes, 3) making 1,000 exegetical points while 4) employing some brazen control mechanisms to hide the fact that to talk so long about so little is disingenuous if not inhumane. Add sex appeal, which Gene had and Melissa has, and what an exit-from-Jesus escape! All preaching does some good. No doubt she does some good. But why is preaching God’s indwelling left off in preference to factoids-a-plenty sermons creating atmospheres for deception, control and reverse-Robin-Hood giving?

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  12. yikes.
    ~~be careful, i think she could be legit, you can find on TV about midnight on channel 18,19, or 20. she sort of teaches like precepts, sort of.
    I really can not beleive i get so many hits on this post, its the top seller, i think people come to see a pic of her. God is big, He can change her, He changed you and me.

  13. Gotta agree with Mr. Burke. I don’t think Ive EVER heard someone talk so much and say virtually nothing. If nothing else, Ms. Scott needs desparately to learn how to structure a sermon. Or perhaps she could adopt the old military maxim, “tell ’em what you’re gonna tell ’em, tell ’em, then tell ’em whatya told ’em. She may be hot, she may be smart, she may be truly saved, but she’s a horrible public speaker.
    ~~thank you for the comment, Jay.

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