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Rest In Peace My Sweet Girl


{I post  this on Tuesday, today we take her to her final appt. with Doc.}

Grieving is the final act of love.
My vet quoted this to me today (last friday) when I took Bessie Lou in for a check up.
I took her in to get a steroid shot, hopefully will make her last few days puke-free ones.

(which they were, we should thank God for even the little things, like puke-free days)
She has a baseball size tumor somewhere in her tummy or intestines, actually came on pretty fast, wasn’t there a few months ago.
We, as a family, have decided to put her to sleep on Tuesday, which is today.

So prayers for that would be greatly appreciated and for my son. She was his first animal, chosen by him, for him to take care of.
And he has been faithful to his word since we adopted the cat in 1998. We also have a black cat named Chloe lynn, whom he ‘had to’ have, ”Mom, I promise I will take care of her, I will, I promise, oh
look at her, she is so adorable, and you know how you love black panthers, please, please, please?”
Man, my boy knows how to sucker me. (As he did quite well for both cats)
It’s totally weird to be planning a death or a funeral, of sorts.

For a cat.

Do you know how many times and ways I have talked myself in and out of this decision? You animals lovers know what I mean.
Shes not in pain, is she? She’ll get better, just wait it out, isn’t she? She didn’t puke today, thats a good sign, right?
Maybe the shot will make her better, maybe a 4 figure surgery would help her. Since she hasn’t puked in X amount of days, maybe she is better? She is purring, maybe she is better?
Was I a good pet owner? Am I doing the right thing?  I’m doing this because I love her, don’t want to see her suffer.
Am I just thinking about me cleaning puke up every day for over a year? Am I being selfish?
Couldn’t she just die so I don’t have to make the decision? Isn’t that a horrible statement?

My vet office, staff, doctors and techs are really the best; kind, gracious, sensitive, loving.
We have the cremation set and my son demanded a box for her, just like my other [dead] cat has.                My friend will engrave their names on the boxes for me.
So, what do I do with all the boxes of pets I will accumulate in the next 20-40 years? Do they end up in the Goodwill? Do I will them to my son? Does my hubbys next wife toss them out?
I do our church bulletin and we have a mom and pop print shop do the printing.
I was telling her[the owner], the bulletins would be late becuz of the vet visit.
She stated there had to be a cat heaven, then sort of questioned me about it. I said our pets are under the convenant umbrella, so if the humans are ‘saved’ so are the pets 🙂
She thought that kinda sucked for the unsaved pets. But what do you do?
We don’t know for sure, and even the best theologian knows not for sure.
My heaven would have my pets there and ice cream cake. Thanks for listening.

Bessie Lou
The compassion that compels you to end the life of your friend is a final act of caring – a final act of love. quote from book by Mary & Herb Montgomery

Luke 1: 78 Because of the tender mercy of our God, With which the Sunrise from on high will visit us, 79 TO SHINE UPON THOSE WHO SIT IN DARKNESS AND THE SHADOW OF DEATH, To guide our feet into the way of peace.”