Hello! My Name is Deacon’s Wife


It’s official, the congregation voted my hubby in as a Deacon!

Argh, Deacons Wife? Me? Does this mean now I have to be good? I hate labels…..

AND I got chosen to do a 10  minute schpeel in the high school sunday school class.

The topic? “A Great Cloud of Witnesses” Hebrews 12:1-2

‘Adults will share for the 1st 10 minutes how God, the author and perfecter of our faith, has been faithful to them, and then answer questions from high school students about their walk with Christ.’

Now, I know most of these kids, well. And they know me, and well, enough said.

There is a list of possible questions the kids can ask me and some pop culture questions to answer

~here they are:

1. Favorite music/songs/bands in high school?

So the kids can laugh at the music? They don’t even know what record players are. I heard somewhere that the first Walkman cost 200 dollars.

I have 3 sitting here I will sell for 200 bucks a pop.

Favorite band ~ Rick Springfield. He was HOT! (My hubbys fav was/is Bruce Springsteen) People get them confused. Bruce is the ugly one.

Rick Springfield Photo

Pat Benetar, Quiet Riot, Tom Petty, Barry Manilow  (mind you, I’m remembering all the albums I had in high school) Cyndy Lauper, Lover Boy, I went to a Lover Boy/Quiet Riot concert once. Michael Jackson, wait, make that Jackson 5, and that was in grade school. When he was human, of course.

OK on to #2

2. Favorite Movie? I loved Footloose. Everyone liked Grease.

3. Favorite TV show? Starsky and Hutch, we have been getting the Netflix DVD’s of S and H and my son loves them!!!! Shh, I owned a Starsky doll, in high school, hehe, snort, hehe

Cagney and Lacey, Welcome Back, Kotter. Emergency, Adam 12, Dragnet.

Miami Vice! Oh yeah, sonny crockett, the man dreams are made of.  Knight Rider, anything vampire, World Wrestling Federation. (when it was still real),  SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK!!!!

Miami Vice

We were never allowed to watch TV when my dad was in the den. He wanted everyone quiet, we couldn’t even chew gum, eat, talk, breathe. He was always kicking us out. Saturday morning was when we could watch TV.

4. Favorite celebrities/athletes? Well, I pretty much summed that up with the above questions.

I remember going to a WWF event in Seattle, I was with my hubby then, but we weren’t married. We got to sit in some aisle seats and Razor Ramon and Nash came walking down aisle, they were huge! Towering, actually. But I digress. Excuse me, wiping the drool from my shirt 😉

Those were the pop culture questions. I’m also supposed to bring a high school picture, if my hubby can get the Chevy Blazer to start, we can get to the photo albums in the rubbermaid boxes. I might post the ‘dorothy hamill’ hair pictures I sported from 1st grade to 7th grade, how humiliating 😦

this is the various forms of the Dorthy hair I was talking about, click on the flickr on the sidebar to see the pic bigger. My brother and I would be in a restaurant and the waitress would ask, “what would you boys like to eat?”

Possible Questions are:

(By the way, thank you for reading these, typing this out is making me answer the ?’s and not be so nervous about it.)

1. Who were some major influences in your life? Role models? Why?

I’m assuming this means in high school. and I can’t remember. I could say Cyndy Lauper, but they wouldn’t know who she is.

2. How did you choose your Career?

Home Engineer, top 10 best paying job around…..I get a shopping allowance of 250 every 2 weeks, for groceries, gas and such. We figured it out, I make about 2.17$ an hour. But I have full range freedom of the checkbook and do all the shopping of every kind in this home. My hubby hasn’t been clothes shopping since he was single. ok, get back on track…

Actually my career chose me, after being in the mental hospital, we (me and hubby) decided I should stay home, take care of the home front, kids and hubby and go back to work when I felt ready. I have never felt ready yet. My goal is to go back to work or school when hubby retires and son go off to college.

3. How did God’s Word influence your decisions regarding relationships?

Well, Gods Word never influence my relationships in high school. As for girl friends, i pretty much only had a few close ones and had lots of guy friends.

4. Is there anything you wish you would have done differently in high school?

Yeah, never fell in love, and never tried to forget the first love by dating tons of guys after that.

5. What are some of the joys you have had in your walk with the Lord?

My hubby walking with me, my sons tender heart for the things of God. My soberness, my ever-changing perspective on the world. My ever so slowly growing contentment with what God has placed before me.

6. What were some of the struggles or challenges you faced in high school and after?

Going to college, I started many times and something always got in the way. I always felt I was just mediocre at things, never good at any one thing. Getting out from under my mothers thumb.

My senior year was ruined by an ex spray painting my name on the wall of the school, with a bad word next to it.

7. What do you think your life would look like if you had not become a Christian? Or, how is your life different as a Christian?

My life would be no more, I would be dead or wishing I was dead. Alcohol would have consumed my life. I would have no family, no security, no life.

My life now is secure, today and eternally, I’m sober, responsible, not under the dominion of Satan, really.

My life is not controlled by my sins. My depressive episodes are mostly under control, I can function.

8. Why do you believe what the Bible says?

Hmm, good question, I would like to say, Because, I just believe it, its about faith and I have it. But I know there is a better answer than that. I don’t look up all the historical and scientific evidence for the bible, I have read it and I believe. It seems to not contradict itself. It talks of a God who has forgiven my sins and shows me how to live my life and to whom I should live my life for….

9. What Bible verses have been important to you?

Easy, Psalms 46:10a. Be Still and Know that I am God. All the verses that talk about joy. And Peace and contentment. James 1:2, Gal 5:22, 1 peter 1:8, Jude 1:24, Proverbs.

10. Why do you worship at ERC?

ERC is the first church we went to after our walk started. My hubby loved it and I grew to love it. We love the pastor and the people there. We have visited elsewhere but our heart is at ERC. The Word is preached there, people love each other there.

11. What are some of your best/worst decisions you have made?

Best: marrying my hubby, having my boy, staying home, taking care of the most important things to me.

Worst: There are alot, my ‘testimony’ is here, for details,  click here

I have made 4 terrible, wrong, horrible decisions in my life.

12. What issues/questions/doctrines have you wrestled with in your faith?

I struggle with election/predestination. I struggle with the whole why do babies die and where do they go?

I struggle with forgiving myself, even tho I know God has. I struggle with sanctification, I want it now!

I struggle with free will/sovereignty of God. I know God is sovereign, He has to be, but the intricacies of the reformed faith, putting everything together so it makes sense. Also trying to explain it to someone else is a daunting task.

So the real question is

How has God been faithful to me?

He has brought me out of the mire of my sinful self  to the light of His Sons glory and forgiveness.

Ps 69:2 -I have sunk in deep mire, and there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, and a flood overflows me.Ps 69:14 -Deliver me from the mire and do not let me sink; May I be delivered from my foes and from the deep waters.Isa 57:20 – But the wicked are like the tossing sea, For it cannot be quiet, And its waters toss up refuse and mud.

About Kristina

54 year old Christian lady, knitter, crafter, church admin, thrill seeker (only when shopping at thrift stores for tremendous bargains) my 4 dogs and my pigs servant, a child of God, saved, redeemed and trying to be joyful in a fallen world.

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  1. If anyone asks deny you know me. Trust me on this one, letting on you know me will make it pretty tough to stay a Deaconess. (Which, by the way, is the transliteration of the Greek translated “their wives,” just thought you’d like that tid bit.)

  2. Your post made me laugh, think and get depressed at realizing how old I am. Thanks. 🙂

    And yes, as a deacon’s wife, you now have to be perfect in all your ways. Kidding… 😉

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