Daily Archives: February 24, 2007

Tidbits From My House


Yesterday it rained, hailed, snowed and shined in my neighborhood.

Washington: the  indecisive soppy-wet jazzed up on coffee pine tree smelly state.

I pulled something in my shoulder yesterday. Ouchy, it hurt, it’s my left shoulder and I am left handed. Great, thank goodness it’s my week off of the weights, I need the rest. Hurts from my neck to the shoulder.



Look! the Fat chick is knitting!

Some other Mom know-it-alls:

My son and I were cracking on each other the other night, bickering and  he says ~

Son: Don’t look at the plank in my eye when you have a log in yours

Mom: I will take that plank out of your eye and beat your butt with it! (you can use that one, Kevin!)

Mom score 1, son 0

Next one; Son was walking over to the Doritos bag (hadn’t touched them yet) to eat some BEFORE breakfast and I said, “no way” after you eat something healthy.

Son: man, I wish I was a ninja (to stealthy take the chips)

Mom: then I would be the mom ninja, hello. (to know he was taking the chips)

Mom: 1, son: 0

Now I just caught him sneaking down the stairs with the bag of chips, I say, Hey! and he says, ‘What Ninja Mom? ‘all innocent like.

I’m trying not use devious titles to lure people to my site, but it’s very tempting and I kinda have. I wonder what it would be like to write headlines for newspapers?

I did sign up for Digg, and have received a lot of views from the site. I put 4 posts on there. I didn’t even know it existed.

When I got  125 views in one day I was amazed ~ but check this out ~


Search Views
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Christ devil’s enemy 1


Search Views
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Search Views
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Dove Pro Age Photos

Today there is even more dog puke searches on my dashboard:

I get the Dove commercial ’searches’ but the dog puke ones? How many dogs puke up all over?

Is this an epidemic? Do other peoples houses smell like puke too? Why are dogs puking all the time?

If this is a serious problem, someone needs to fix it! )

From ‘Prayers From Paul’ at Heartlight.org

Dear Father,

I owe love to my fellow man, as you have said. What an endless debt! How can I keep your command to love my neighbor as myself?

What would it be like to live in a world where such unselfishness prevailed? Ah, it would be heaven on earth, therefore such behavior is a precondition of our heavenly inheritance.

But Lord, be gentle in your judgment toward me. I fall so far short on this. Love would absolutely do no wrong to one’s neighbor

– never taking anything that was his, or even wanting to. So fill me with love, so that I may fulfill your law.

In the name of Jesus, help me, Lord. Amen.