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My Next Project: Home Made Mac n Cheese +


Just FYI, if anyone was wondering;

My Name  is Kristina Lynn

and my user name is Krislinatin (pronounced Kris leana tin)

I was called that when I was a baby, I also called myself  ‘Tis baby Fairchild’

for Kris baby Fairchild, some kids have a hard time with the ‘k’s.

Tonight I’m making homemade mac and cheese. Home engineers do that.

Do you realize how much homemade mac n cheese cost? 15 bucks just for the cheese, takes a lot of cheese for the cheese.  Is cheese still the slang term for money, or am I way behind the times? 😉

I can give you my recipe if you want, leave a comment.

Two Reformed articles at Christianity Today,

This first one was good, kinda choppy, like they had to edit the article, but maybe it was because it was late, I was tired and not wearing my reading glasses.

Young, Restless, Reformed


It’s All About God





Two articles in particular are wonderful in this PDF sample of TableTalk magazine; Radically Contagious and  A World of Tomorrows


If you are so inclined and can afford it, I’d recommend acquiring a subscription to TableTalk, its has great articles, and a monthly devotional all set to a monthly theme.




A Home Engineer needs good tools, which is obviously not this one!

I have a great post I’m ruminating over, Ephesians 6, might take a while, but I will get it up.

Have a great day! Krislinatin

Be Still and Know That I am God

Psalms 46:10