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Study of the Tempter, Cue Scary Background Music!


I’m doing this bible study on 1 Thessalonians and we are in the 3rd chapter
”for fear that the tempter might have tempted you, and our labor should be in vain”
(1 Thess 3:5b)
So we are off on a study of the Tempter. Cue scary background music.
I had posted a question a while ago and did some research on the tempter vs self, who is our great enemy?
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This study divides up into 5 sections:
1. Satans beginning and end
2. satans character
3. satans tactics
4. the christians power over satan
5. exercising our throne rights

I’m gonna briefly go over them and posed some questions to ya.

1. Satans beginning and end
First I’m to look up Ezekiel 28:1-19
The king of Tyre is mentioned here and ‘scolars believe this is a prophecy regarding satan who served as the ruler behind the literal ‘king of tyre’
We are to answer the following questions ~

 How did satan come in existence?
What was he like, what happened to him, how, etc.
I found it odd that Revelation 20 was not mentioned in this section. Tho I did go there to check it out.

Do you think this is talking about Satan?

2. Satans Character
~murderer; john 8:44
~liar; same ref.
~crafty; 2 corin 11:3
~lion seeking to devour; 1 peter 5:8
~will be cast into lake of fire; rev 20:1,3,7-10 (don’t know what this has to do with character)

3. Satan’s Tactics
~standing opposite or withstanding; Daniel 10:12-13
~disguises himself as angel of light; 2 corin 11:13-15
~fills hearts; acts 5:3, john 13:2
~a thorn in side; 2 corin 12:7
~causes affliction, disease Job 2:7
~blinded the minds of unbelievers; 2 corin 4:4
~takes away Word that is not firmly planted; mark 4:15
~sowes his sons among the sons of the kingdom; matthew 13:24-30, 36-39
~tempts you because of your lack of self control; 1 corin 7:5
~takes opportunity with anger; eph 4:26-27

***I focused on this section trying to find a connection with self, meaning does satan work  with what we already having going against us?
What we are already tempted to sin about, does he feed on that?
Take Judas, was he already gonna betray Jesus and satan just helped?

4. The Christian’s power of Satan
~not in his domain; acts 26:18
~power over enemy; 1 john 4:4
~nothing injure you; luke 10:17-20
~Jesus is greater; 1 john 4:4
~Jesus is ruler in us; eph 1:17-23
~we have overcome becuz of blood of the lamb; rev 12:11
~we have armour of God; eph 6:10-18
(all commands regarding our relationship to satan are to draw near to God, resist, and to stand firm.)
~submit to God: james 4:7
~resist the devil: james 4:7
and 1 peter 5:6-9 says; humbles yourselves
cast your anxiety upon Him
sober spirit, be on alert
resist devil
firm in faith

5. Exercising Our Throne Rights
It states we need to be enlightened as to our ‘throne rights as children of God.
Its gives me Ephesians 1:19-21 9 (resurrection power) and Matthew 16:18 (gates of hell will not overpower us)
these next verses show Satans limited power
Job 1:10,12
Job 2:6
Luke 22:31,32
2 corin 12:7-9
(assuming satan can only touch or effect a Christians life with the realm of God’s permission)
Rev 2:10 is included.

Lastly we are to study these verses in light of our rights and privileges as kids of God.
matthew 16:13-20
matthew 18:15-20
Mark 3:27
***Which I have not had time to do that.
I find myself say, ehh? on some things, I think I take scripture way to literal (when it might not be intended) and if the answer doesn’t pop into my head,  I often wonder why the verse is placed in the study.

As is with these last 3 verses.
I’m thinking the study wants me to be reading into the verses and I really don’t like to assume things.
For instance, It doesnt say the serpent in Genesis is the devil. But in Rev and other N.Test. place it refers back the serpent as the devil.

So then we get into context, context, context.
Must keep it all in context.

Do we have everything we need to ‘combat’ this enemy?
Do we play the devil up too much, is he really a threat, more than ourselves?
Should we concentrate on us or devil or just focus on loving God?

So, again, how is our greatest enemy?

If this sounds like I don’t like my bible study, its not true, I love studying the bible, love it.
I want to do a study on Isaiah next, I read about 5 chapters last night. Chapters 42-49.
We will proceed to 2 Thessalonians next, should be interesting.
Blessings, Kristina