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A Day in the Life….Feb. 14th


This is the 3rd and final installment (I promise) of the day in the life of an home engineer:


This is what the tag on the shirt says:

You’re holding in your hand the most sought after christian t-shirt of all time!

Millions of believers across the globe have equipped themsleves with this inspiring message of God’s redeeming love and the POWER of the cross. What is this phenomenon all about? What IS the LORDS GYM?

Since the 1970’s, the US has been in a ‘fitness craze’ people jogging, jumping, biking, bulking up and sweating to get the perfect body. The problem is, all you get is a pretty corpse. Even Mr. America is going to die one day. So why bother going to a gym at all?

The bible says that ‘bodily exercise’ does you some good – BUT, we should more so exercise ourselves ‘toward Godliness’ – which provides ETERNAL  results. 1 Tim 4:7-8.

We should learn to work out our spiritual muscles with the same kind of enthusiasm as a ‘fitness freak sweating to the oldies!’

That’s where The Lord’s Gym comes into the picture. Jesus has already lifted the greatest spiritual wight – the sin of the world – on the old rugged cross. When we were ”without strength” the bible says, ”Christ died for the ungodly” Romans 5:6 so that we can be ”stengthened with all might according to His Glorious Power!” Col 1:11. HIS PAIN is OUR GAIN!

We pray that as you suit up, this shirt will be a daily reminder to you and those around you – when it comes to faith – ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE!

(oh jeez, i think i really can’t even wear that, groan)


my son picked out this less conspicuous one.

I know, how horrible for a reformed conservative person to wear such blanant commercialism and “what about the change?”
Yes, I listen to Contemporary christian music. Michael W. Smith, “what about the change, what about the difference, what about a life that showing I’m under going the change?” (no, not that kind of change, I’m not that old yet)
Yes, i brazenly wear christian propaganda on my car, chest, back and over the door of my house.
Yeah, I know. Sue me. I can justify. I think.

I need constant reminders of God’s presence in my life.
I need to constantly show people what I believe. I need help starting conversations with people about Jesus.
Yes, its all about me. Wait, no, just teasing about that last part. (?) 🙂

(GROAN, all my reformed brothers and sisters are gonna get me for this)

Ok, back to the boys, they also cooked me dinner last night and when I got home the table was set, there was food and candles.

Actually,  not to dimish what they did, but the meat and rice were already made and the actual work part was chopping the salad. But, hey, they did it. And it was wonderful!
I received two very lovely cards and some hot tamales, I’ve gained 5 pounds eating hot tamales.  Did you know a big box of hot tamales weighs in at a whopping 1500 calories and I would eat a whole box. a day.
The boys are trying to help me kick the habit, so they bought me a few little bags. 220 calories each.
I guess they think I will only open one bag a day and not be tempted to eat all the bags in one sitting. I will try.
After dinner, as we were looking at the e-cards I sent the boys, oh my gosh, you have got to see the hallmark e-cards, the hoops and yoyo and screaming banshee. They are hil-ar-ious!
click here and here
Ok, back to story, after dinner, my 13 year old son blew out the tiny tea light candles and started screaming!
I turned around to see him clutching his face and whining, he had sprayed the wax all over his face!
He had purple spots all over his face, neck and shirt, AND kitchen table, chair and floor.
He looked like he had the mumps or something. I kept saying, its gotta dry so we can peel it off.
I ran him into the bathroom and started rubbing the stuff off. Let me tell you, whatever that boy can have happen to him, it will.

Can you say accident prone? and clumsy? I’m sure its the age he is, but I’m thinking of getting a bigger and better insurance policy out on him.
My hubby says, as he is down on his hands and knees scraping the wax off the floor, ‘did you get a picture of that for your blog?’
And I said dang it, no, i didn’t and the camera was sitting right in the bathroom.
So in the 2 hours I was home last night, I (we)
cooked, ate and cleaned dinner,
cleaned sons face and kitchen of wax (as i turn around this morning i see wax still on the table)
installed new shower head
bathed dog
bathed myself,
bathed son, (he bathed himself)
did a little bible study, knitting and homework
made plans for a mens night at church
went to bed.
Life of a Home Engineer!
oh wait, you ask, what did you get the love of your life for valentines day, Kristina ?
answer; a big fat nothing.
reason; its food and its not coming until next week, can’t give you details because hubby reads blog.
BUT I did install a shower head, a massaging shower head, hhhmmmmmmm 😉