Musings on …. Out of Egypt by Anne Rice


I was a big fan of Anne Rice’s Vampire and Witch chronicles. I loved them. LOVED them!

I always wanted to be a vampire, to live forever, BUT I didnt want to drink blood to stay alive.

Now, my dear friend Leslie, laughs very hard at this, she loves to tell everyone that before I began my christian sojourn I was very adamant about wanting the life of a vampire.

She laughs and say, Now you can live forever, and you do drink blood! Jesus’ blood. (not in a catholic way, of course) 🙂

Anne Rice was the reason for my obsession, the stories she tells, the lives and loves of the characters are so romantic, the historic backgrounds, well, they are, let me just say, amazing.

When I found out she was turning back toward her catholic roots, I was thrilled. I had stopped reading her books and started with theology books and bible studies. I don’t know what I assumed but I didn’t think she would write any more vampire books. I looked on her website and lo and behold, what did my eyes see?

A book written after her conversion. A book about Christ!

So I ordered it and waited for it and waited for it.

I read it in 2 days.

Here’s how it goes:

the first page, a 7 year old Jesus kills the neighborhood bully after the getting pushed by him.

Second page, James, Jesus’s OLDER bother grabs Jesus and hides him from the raging townsfolk

Third page, Jesus sneaks back to the house of above mentioned (dead) bully and makes him alive again.

Jesus is portrayed as a young boy 7 to 8 years old. His young mind is grappling with his unknown birth (no one wants to tell him about it) and trying  to find out what’s different about him and doing a little testing of his powers.

He makes it snow and makes it stop raining, he heals his uncle. He was a good boy, other than the killing thing.

As I had to tell my hubby a few times, this is fiction. (after I screamed ‘blasphemy’ a few times out loud, didn’t mean to, just spilled out, I cleaned it up)

Anne Rice’s rendition of what she thinks Jesus would be like as a child. It was a little slow in the beginning, but as usual she writes wonderfully and meticulously about the scenery, the characters and events of the story.

It does make you think about what Jesus childhood would be like, did he know his power, his destiny, his father? Was He really without sin? The Bible says He was, so I believe it. But in reality, how hard is it for a child to be sinless? Really ~ look at your kids, look at your self when you were young, look at your self now.

Yes, I know, He was God’s son, but scholars still argue about how much diety he retained while on earth, how much knowledge he had of His fathers ways, etc. I’m not here to debate that.

Anywho, back to the story. Jesus’ family travel to back to Nazereth after an angel tells Joseph they can return. The Passover journey to Jerusalem was next, then a year in the life of Jesus.

The most interesting part was the Author’s note in the back of the book.

Anne had set out to answer these two questions. How did christianity begin and why Rome actually fall?

She then stumbed about a great mystery. The mystery was the survival of the Jews.

She states she studied day and night, studied the testaments, the skeptics,  and found that the skeptics had some of the worst and most biased scholarship she had ever read.

She states hundreds of authors and titles of books she has read. She states how she came to write this book, how and why she believes the gospels.

To sum it all up, some people like fiction, some don’t. I don’t like a lot of fiction, but I would rather study the Word of my God. That’s where I am in my life. If you like fiction, buy the book, if you are middle of the road, you can borrow my book. I’ll be glad to lend it out.

Blessings, Kristina

About Kristina

54 year old Christian lady, knitter, crafter, church admin, thrill seeker (only when shopping at thrift stores for tremendous bargains) my 4 dogs and my pigs servant, a child of God, saved, redeemed and trying to be joyful in a fallen world.

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