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Ok, So I get up this morning, at 10 am and go get the paper and potty the princess.

This article is what I see first

Barkley saves the day after


Published: February 3rd, 2007 01:00 AM

Ilse Kirk would like the second-guessing to stop.Yes, she mourns the death of her dog, Max, shot by Tacoma police in the aftermath of a pit bull attack last week. But, she said, criticism that has rained down on the officers is unwarranted.

Community liaison officers Joe Mettler and Bert Hayes, she said, acted quickly and bravely during the incident, and with great compassion afterward.

They started a fund that circulated through the Police Department to cover the adoption and licensing for a new dog, with some left to help pay cremation costs for Max.


Enlarge image


Ilse Kirk adopts a 6-month-old pup named Barkley on Wednesday at the William Gazecki Animal Shelter in Tacoma.


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Tacoma police officers Bert Hayes, left, and Joe Mettler give a hand at the Humane Society shelter Wednesday as Ilse Kirk adopts Barkley. They wanted to help make up for the loss of her dog, Max.

This isn’t about replacing, forgiving or apologizing. It’s about healing, which they all needed after the dog fight.Just after 10 a.m. on Jan. 24, Kirk was walking Max past El Hutcho’s restaurant at 6201 E. McKinley Ave. when two pit bulls, a male and a smaller female, rushed them.

“I saw him. It was already too late,” Kirk, 50, said of the male. “He came flying across the street. I waved my stick, but he was moving in for the kill. He attacked Max. I took my cane and hit him with it, and the cane broke. It had no effect on him.”

She’d wrapped Max’s leash around her wrist, and after the fight started, she could neither release him nor get away from the dogs.

Spectators gathered.

Horrified drivers pulled over to help.

Jeff Rose tried to pull the pit bull away from Max and Kirk, and later chased the smaller dog away.

Keith Graham of Sumner kicked the pit bull, pulled on his collar, then punched him in the muzzle so hard he broke two knuckles.

Kirk recalls that Mettler and Hayes arrived about three minutes into the fight.

Hayes yelled to Kirk to get clear.“There was one lucky moment when the dog released Max for a second,” she said. “I took my dog to the alley. That’s when they Tasered the pit bull.”

The stun gun had no effect, and the wires broke so they could not use it again.

The pit bull charged Max again, knocking Kirk to the ground. He clamped his jaws on Max’s head.

Hayes hit the pit bull on the head with his flashlight. Again, no effect.

With their other options spent, Mettler stepped into the fight, got between Kirk and the dogs and shot the pit bull, killing him.

Max was still on his leash, and Kirk was on the ground, crying and screaming. Max spun around and bit Mettler, knocking him to the ground.

Hayes took the leash. Max bit him twice.

Mettler, seeing no other way to stop the attack, shot Max.


The bald narrative does not capture the scene, or the speed at which it played.

Graham described it as chaos, with dogs barking, people screaming, spectators chiming in, and, of course, gunfire.

Injured, terrified, disoriented, Max rallied to protect Kirk the best way he knew, by throwing everything he had left into an attack on the uniformed strangers. Mettler was concerned that, in his fear, Max might launch into the crowd.

“I wish we could have had an alternative, another way of getting Max in control,” Mettler told Kirk this week as they had coffee at The Engine House Coffee & Deli near the substation.

“He’d already bitten both of us,” Mettler said. “But that’s what dogs do when they get backed into a corner. He was trying to protect you. He did not know what was happening to you.”

“I thought you guys did what you had to under the circumstances,” Kirk agreed. “You put your own welfare on the line for me and my dog. To me, that is courageous.”

Even as they were being taken to the hospital to be treated for the bites, Mettler and Hayes tried to think of what they could have done differently, grieved for Max and worried about Kirk.

“I was devastated,” Kirk said of the days after the attack. “I couldn’t talk or see people without crying. I couldn’t sleep. Then on Saturday I woke up and all of a sudden, I felt joy in my heart.”

Tuesday, she went to the Humane Society to arrange to have Max cremated, and, though she didn’t have a new dog on her mind, walked through the adoption center.

In the second-to-last kennel, a 6-month-old mixed breed named Barkley jumped into her heart.

Officers pitch in

Meanwhile, Mettler and Hayes resolved to help get Kirk a new dog, but only when she was ready.

They enlisted Bob McCutchan, East Side resource specialist with the city’s Community and Economic Development Department, to stay in contact with Kirk.

They put the first donation into the fund, and other officers followed with cash, a food dish, chew toys, dog food and a deluxe dog blanket. On Wednesday, McCutchan and the officers met with Kirk. They gave her the gift certificate, talked with her over coffee and tea, then accompanied her to the Humane Society, where Barkley was waiting.

Marguerite Richmond met them there with a new leash and news that dog trainer Suzi Moore had a free puppy class and a week of doggie day care reserved for Barkley.

“Many people loved Max. He was a great dog,” Kirk said as Barkley showed off his handshake. “They will love this dog, too.”

*****I immediately start crying! I’m such a softie, shhh, don’t tell anyone, I really hate it that I’m a softie. I used to hate it even more, but God is doing a work in me and I am coming to grips with the fact I cry. That I can still be strong and blubbery at the same time.

Softies Unite! 🙂

Saturdays paper has the ‘religion ‘ section it in. My hubby and son have been known to hide this section from me if the article is just too whacked out, they know how I rant about it.

Blessings on your Saturday!

I smell cookies in my oven, oh wait, no I don’t because I have to get my butt up off this computer to bake them!

Put your nose up the monitor, smell them? Chocolate chip! oh and fresh coffee……yum!

oh yeah, does anyone really NEED 8 boxes of Girl Scout cookies?

Because I PRE-ordered 8  boxes at 4$ a pop. Now I have to sit and wait until March to get them!

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