Daily Archives: January 8, 2007

What’s in a Title?


ahh, the boys are back to school and work, the animals are sleeping, workout and chores  and errands are done. The sweet, sweet life of a home engineer.

I wasn’t always a home engineer, which brings me to my next musing:

If one was an alcoholic in the past or (drug addict, crackhead, porn addict, food addict, put whatever sin/vice/habit one would have) but now is not, by way of being ‘saved’

what would that one be called or titled? If the conversation came up, mind you.

We’ll use alcoholic….

Reformed alcoholic?

Former alcoholic?


Saved alcoholic?

Sinner saved by Jesus’ blood?

Retired alcoholic?

Redeemed alcoholic?


Can’t drinker?


Not often do I share the fact I was an alcoholic and now am a __________. I should share more, but when circumstance permits and someone (I think) will benefit from it, I do share, and I don’t hold much back. It’s ugly to have an addiction. Of any kind.

I am also quick to tell in the conversation how I ‘overcame’ the addiction. We’ll get to that overcome thing later.

But I do tell them the only thing that saved me from my self is faith in God, given by God, the belief that He sent His Son to earth, to live and die for my sins, all of them, no matter how many or how horrible. I tell them where I was when I finally gave up myself to Him to have a better life. a life period. God is the only One who could be praised for this life changed.

Now, back to the overcoming part.

I so envy people who say things like ”When I took Jesus into my heart, my desires/cravings/longings for alcohol/drugs/porn, food etc. were totally and instantly gone!”

Oh,  how I wish i could say that.

There is never a day that goes by that I don’t crave a drink. There I said it, for all to hear or read as the case may be.

I need to say it again, there is never a day that goes by that I don’t want to get a drink of alcohol. Some days, many times I think about it. Sometimes its food, but most of the time it’s drink.

Ok, that musing is done.

Cartoon Love


Ok, the TV is now out of our bedroom, BUT it is in my sons room. BUT there is no cable hookup, only a DVD/VCR on it and major rules regarding the watching of the TV.

He told me today  ‘mom, you know the happy place in the movie Happy Gilmore?’

i said ‘yes’,

he said ‘I found mine, come here’

as I walk into his room, he is on the top bunk, leaning out, playing a mario type game from a game console thingy we bought from the fair. With the black panther laying on his back and they are both happy as clams.

As soon as I can figure out pictures, I will show you some of the stuff I knitted.

God Bless, have a Happy Week, Thanks be to the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, God of Gods.