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Bad TV; Good Paul


Oh yeah, i forgot, Home engineer is a title my hubby thought up for me a few years back when i was filling out a form or survey and decided i needed a title. Since its not in the those multiple choice drop down menus on-line I don’t use it much, but i think its appropriate.

Last night we watched Afterschool Specials, remember those shows in the middle 70’s about all the horrible teenaged angst and tribulations tweens and teens go thru in life and school?

We watched 2 of them, one about a bully and one about a homely girl finally having a great summer because a boy asked her out. they were pretty corny, but the whole time my 13 year old son is exhaling and sighing ‘there’s no action’ ‘its boring’.

Then to make matters worse, after he sighed his way to bed, I started flipping channels, which is not a good thing for me, and I watched, What Not to Wear, Paula Deen (cooking show) and DIRT.

oh. my. gosh. BAD, BAD show. I only saw about 15 minutes and my eyes were burning. I am thinking about taking the TV out of the bedroom. Mostly for my own sake, but we have a big TV downstairs, none in the living room, and one is our bedroom, but I think its gotta go. I read an article that kids watch an average of 4 hours of TV PER day. For a busy family, that’s probably the whole time the kids are at home. So, with all that in mind, i will go unplug the TV.

I have so much more to type, some pictures to figure out how to get in here, some knitting stuff, etc But i will leave you with this….Blessings

I am doing a precepts study in 1 Thess. this year and here is a list from Paul the apostle of Christ to the church in Thessalonica:

1 thess 4 and 5 (I paraphrase the NIV bible)

It is God’s will that you be sanctified…

Avoid sexual immorality

Learn to control own body in a holy and honorable way

Live a holy life

Love each other more and more

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life

To mind your own business

Work with your hands

[so that you daily life may win respect of others and you may not be dependent on anyone]

Let us be alert and self-controlled

Encourage one another, build each other up

Respect those who work hard among you, who have charge over you, who admonish you

Hold them in high regard in love

Live in peace with each other

Warn those who are idle

Encourage the timid

Help the weak

Be patient with everyone

Make sure nobody pays back evil for evil

Always try to be kind to everyone

Be joyful always

Pray continually

Give thanks in all circumstances

Do not put out the Spirit’s fire

Do not treat prophecies with contempt

Test everything

Hold on to the good

Avoid every kind of evil

….for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Quite a list, eh? I have fallen short of doing these things, have you? Mediate on these scriptures, ask the Lord to complete in you what He has chosen for you.

Hello world!


My hubby and son do not think anyone will know what musing means; for a definition go to :


Last night we were watching on Animal Planet, Growing Up Black Leopard. Since one of my  fav animals is the black panther, it was a sheer delight to watch this family take care of a baby panther and grow it up to be let out into the wild (the wild being a 20 acre sanctuary for wild cats) my heart ached with envy as i watched the family play with the kitten, wanting to be there with them. They loved their animals and took extremely good care of them.


My other favorite wild animal is the beluga whale, i could sit for hours watching them swim at out city zoo. Sometimes i get tears in my eyes (same as last night) looking at those magnificent creatures God has put on this earth. alright, enough for tonight, i have to go watch a DVD i got for my son.

Does anyone remember Afterschool Specials??

yep, i got em, popcorn is popping and we are heading downstairs to plant our butts in chairs and relax (and i will be knitting)