More Stuff from the Homestead


Son has finished all his high school credits and is now working on college credits.

Seems he wants to be a nutritionist with an emphasis on eating disorders.

Joey and Jesse

Our local college is able to give high school diplomas, so this will help with my lacking homeschool skills for finding him a diploma. YEAH for me.

Found a recipe to make home made twix bars, link here, am making them this weekend.

Twix bars, home made

Party for my sunday school class, eating lots of food and playing games. Those kids really blessed me this year. My personal life is so chaotic and I looked forward to spending time with them every week.

Tofu fudge chews

Looking forward to leading a bible study this summer, a Precepts  book, Sweeter Than Chocolate.

PB and Chocolate

I found out I have 5  blogs readers ;), I love them all!

We are discussing taking a trip to Hawaii this December. We were going to wait until Jesse graduated but summer in Hawaii, too hot for this momma. But that would mean no trip to Iowa this year. What to do, what to do….

My next book is this one, so far it sounds like all the rest of the animal activist/veggie activist books, but I’m giving it a go.

I should take some more pictures, I’m kinda lax on that.

My son has got me hooked on Dexter. Too many TV shows glamorize sin. How does a serial killer get to be the hero?

This is why I hate TV, i can get hooked far too easy and it rots my brain.

Off and running to walk my pups and spiffy up the house.

blessings on your day, all 5 of you :)


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  1. Thanks for the mention on my Twix Bars! Let me know what you think :-)
    ~~Liz, they were fabulous! Everyone that tried them loved them! I veganized them with soy butter, but I forgot the graham crackers had honey in them. oh well, they were very good.

  2. I have an idea…if you get us a couple of tickets, we can go w/ you ;-) what do you think?
    ~~DM, you don’t even know how fun that would be… maybe you can sell some more stuff and we can too, then get someone to pet sit….. the possibilities are endless!

    • You guys would be a hoot do go on vacation with. I can’t think of too many people I would actually do something like that with but you’re on the short list. I’ve already sold most of my big ticket items Now if I were to get another inheritance that might work, but don’t think I’m in anyone else’s will that is nearing “retirement” if you know what I mean.

  3. See… I read this one too! I have a feeling you have faaaaar more lurkers than you realize!

    I have to admit, I’m not a big eater of candy bars. But I definitely have a weakness for Twix bars. I really want to give that recipe a try, but I’m afraid to let the genie out of the bottle…!

  4. Kristina,

    You need your head examined girl!. As someone who is going to IA this summer (driving with 5 kids and camping our way out and back), I would still say that Hawaii wins every time. Even if I do love the inlaws. We went for our 10th ann. to HI. It was great. You’ve already been to IA a couple times… I think the stars in HI are just as good as in IA.

    IA might be more fun for a city girl though. For us farm kids we like the open space, but it isn’t as novel.

    You’ll have a great time either way.

    • Tim, we have been to Hawaii too, but Jesse hasn’t.
      We don’t go to Iowa for the stars and crickets, altho, i must say they are awesome, but for the company.
      We will probably do HI, but I’m trying to finagle my hubby into letting me to Iowa also…..
      just checked out the blogspot site, all your kids are adorable and growing like weeds!!
      give sharletta my love.

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