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Funny Stories, Rasterbator, Middle Name Meme, Other Stuff that Catches My Eye


I. Totally. LOVE. This!!!!!!

Here is the original picture

 alienscatscar 033

here is the Rasterbator pictures found from  here ‘The Not Martha site’

Let me know if the Raster link doesn’t work, I will get the right one…

anna bella rasta pic 015

anna bella rasta pic 018

yah, well, my son put it together so thats why you see tape……

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A blog post on anger, a very good one here

What not to name your blog, here

Hate dealing with telemarketers? Read this, from one who knows here

I also was a telemarketer, for about 4 days, I was young not 18 yet, I hated it, in my home town there were alot of old people, well, it seemed like a lot because every one I called was old, on a fixed income, lost a spouse, etc….

Now I try really, really hard to be nice to people who call, I have a hard time saying no when the cause is worthy and that post is just a reminder when the phone rings…..

The funny story I was gonna tell about the emergency room visit was these two things:

 Out of the 4 times I have been to the emergency room 3 were my sons fault:

1. year 1993, my sons birth at 3 am {you women know the deal}

2. About 16 years ago, a psycho ex-boyfriend kicked my apt. window in my face and hand, had to have a couple stitches in my right hand and glass taken out of my head

3. about 5 years ago, on mothers day, my son was pushing me on his scooter {per my request} and I went down and heard the snap, broke the little bone in my lower leg right up next to the knee, was just around the corner from my house when it happened

4. the most recent incident, the boy and I were wrestling and he was on top and I pushed him back and his 132 pound steel butt landed on my foot. I heard it sssnap. see the rest of the story here and here.

The other funny story {and you would had to have been here for this one} My hubby

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